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New Road resident puts speed in spotlight

Times Echo and Life / All News / New Road resident puts speed in spotlight
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New Road resident puts speed in spotlight

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SPEED and road safety issues in a Uttoxeter street have been put in front of the town’s council.

Ray Burge is a resident in New Road, Uttoxeter, and outlined issues residents have been experiencing in recent months at the council’s November meeting.

Uttoxeter residents are able to address councillors in the ‘public participation’ section of the agenda at every meeting of the full council.

Residents have raised concerns about the road for several months, previously featuring in the Echo in March (pictured).

Speaking at the meeting, Ray said: “I have lived on New Road for almost 14 years and since the new flyover was opened two years ago there has been a seismic change in both the speed and size of vehicles using New Road. Our road has become a mile long, straight downhill ‘drag’ and become the main access and egress to the west of the town.

“Inbound vehicles have been travelling at speed on the A50 and are clearly struggling to adjust to the speed limit and driving at ridiculous speeds on what is a leafy residential 30 mph road between the Shell Garage and the Three Tuns public house. So, following Project B we have now become the main arterial route into the town – it was previously Derby Road or the McDonalds roundabout.

“I have also measured the pavements which at some points are as narrow as 28″ – it is downright dangerous. An average push chair is 30″ wide. At times there is now a constant stream of 32 tonne multi axle HGVs thundering down our residential road. It makes our houses shake and is actually causing structural damage to houses – it has caused cracks in the brickwork.

“Many of these drivers are entering our Town for the first time – so- it needs to be made clear that it is 30mph. We have already collected 180 signatures for our petition and estimate 1,000 people are directly affected by this problem.

“I understand that other roads such as Holly Rd, Kingfisher Way and Stone Road have issues but our situation is different. The road has been fundamentally altered and the problem should have been addressed when Project B was completed.

“We need a permanent solution. Temporary flashing signs have been installed previously. They only worked for the time they were present, then normal service was resumed. People entering the town via New Road need to know clearly where it changes to 30mph. We need clear illuminating signage, dramatic paintwork on the road, together with street furniture such as a chicane. A pedestrian crossing is also needed as there is currently nowhere to cross safely for almost a mile.”

Councillors considered his comments while debating a series of road safety measures planned for the town in conjunction with Staffordshire County Council.

Cllr Philip Hudson said: “The county council suggest large rectangle yellow signs with 30 in them and white gates with those signs as well as road markings to depict 30 and 40, and ‘crocodile’ markings to make sure people are aware they are entering a 30 mph zone.”

Deputy Mayor, Cllr Carolyn Green added: “Using the crocodile teeth and some additional white road markings together with some composite gates and entry signs into Uttoxeter as well as speed signs but with rectangular yellow backgrounds will be far more effective. In addition the gates there can be positioned – with discussion with the county council – to make the road look a lot narrower.”

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