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New plans in pipeline for Freehay crossroad

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24 MAY

New plans in pipeline for Freehay crossroad

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SPEED limits could be reduced at a notorious crossroad as part of a bid to improve road safety at the junction. But the plans for Freehay crossroad have been met with scepticism from Cheadle Town Council. Staffordshire County Council is inviting people to have their say on the proposals to reduce speed limits to 30mph on all approaches and potentially change the priority of the traffic.

However, at a meeting of Cheadle Town Council on Monday, May 20, members agreed to write to the county council asking for more information.

At Cheadle Town Council’s meeting on Monday, Cllr Ray Wood said: “I remember when this was on the agenda last time. We were all happy about the traffic lights and how they were working up there, so we unanimously agreed we wanted that left as traffic lights.

“It’s come back with a proposed speed limit of 30mph.

“It’s a consultation again. I thought it was a consultation last time.

“I think we should object to this because it’s not good enough for the people of the town.

“We’ll ask them for more information and to defer their decision so that we can discuss it again at our next meeting on June 3.”

Police requested temporary traffic lights at Freehay crossroad in May last year after two road traffic collisions at the junction.

It is believed that no further crashes have been recorded since the lights have been in place.

The county council’s speed reduction plan would see the current 60mph limit reduced to 30mph on all four approaches to the junction, with a further 40mph buffer zone in Hollington Road.

Staffordshire County Councillor for Cheadle and Checkley Mark Deaville said: “I’ve been listening carefully to local residents concerns about safety at the crossroads and working closely with our highways team and the police to find a way of making the area safer.

“I believe that our proposals to reduce the speed limits at the crossroads will help improve safety and I would urge people to have their say.”

A second phase to the scheme could also see a change to the traffic priority at the crossroads meaning that traffic travelling on School Lane and Counslow Road would have priority and traffic on Hollington Road and Rakeway Road would have to give way.

Works will include resurfacing work, kerb re-alignment, new signs and road markings.

The removal of a hedge which will help improve visibility for drivers is also being planned.

Helen Fisher, Cabinet Member for Transport and Highways at Staffordshire County Council added: “Keeping our roads safe remains one of our top priorities and Staffordshire roads continue to be amongst the safest in the country.

“We do listen to residents when they have concerns about road safety in their area and we will take action when required.”

People have until 29 May to have their say on the proposals at:

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  • The lights have worked so far, with no accidents recorded since they were installed. Install permanent traffic lights, just 2 way is enough. DO NOT change the priority of the roads as this will cause confusion and possible innocent mistakes with locals.
    Written by Natalee, May 24, 2019 - Reply
  • Wouldn't a mini roundabout work as a smoother flow whilst increasing safety. We have seen many people 'jump' the lights there and witnessed near misses as a result.
    Written by Alex, July 9, 2019 - Reply


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