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Mystery flash sparks power cuts

Times Echo and Life / All News / Mystery flash sparks power cuts
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19 JAN

Mystery flash sparks power cuts

By timesecholife on in All News, Uttoxeter news

DRIVERS and residents across the Uttoxeter area were startled by a blue flash in the sky which appears to have caused two brief power cuts in the town.

The sudden flash of light, which was caught on dashcam, has sparked a raft of speculation on social media as to its possible cause.

Captured on film by an admin of Uttoxeter and Surrounding Villages Weather Updates Facebook page, the flash has been shared online more than 70 times, with hundreds of people commenting on the strange blue light.

Speculation about the event ranges from a swan crashing into power lines to an alien invasion, via various references to the Back to the Future trilogy.

Corey Ellis-Johnson, aged 16, from Uttoxeter, shared the video on Facebook. He said: “The electricity went off twice, only for about a second or two. The electricity supply could have tripped and activated back-up generators, or maybe it could be something much more mysterious.

“The video was taken just near Waitrose and you can actually see the lights of the shop turning back on after the power cut.

“I didn’t have chance to see the flash myself and when the video came through I thought it was very cool. But it makes you question what it was.”

Drivers and residents as far away as Stramshall and Doveridge reported spotting the flash.

To see the video click here.

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