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MP and councillors back appeal

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MP and councillors back appeal

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Community leaders are getting behind an appeal which has been made by a Moorlands business with regards to a planning enforcement notice they have been given. Jeff Wood at Hales Hall Caravan & Camping Park in Cheadle has been served with a planning enforcement notice with regards to re-roofing of the Coach House at the property.

Community leaders are getting behind an appeal which has been made by a Moorlands business with regards to a planning enforcement notice they have been given.

Jeff Wood at Hales Hall Caravan & Camping Park in Cheadle has been served with a planning enforcement notice with regards to re-roofing of the Coach House at the property.

The details, as set out on the Staffordshire Moorlands District Council’s website, as to why the enforcement notice, which was issued by the council on June 9 this year, has been given is: “Anon report of re-roofing, also later noticed windows have been replaced and some demolition.”

It is understood that the enforcement notice, which is regarding the types of tiles Mr Wood is using to re-roof the property, has now gone to appeal with the Planning Inspectorate, and both Cheadle Town Council, and MP Sir Bill Cash are fully backing the appeal.

Cheadle Town Clerk Dave Mullington has written to the Planning Inspectorate on behalf of Cheadle Town Council.

In his letter, dated September 23, he said: “Cheadle Town Council has received notification through its district authority, that the above matter (Planning Inspectors Ref: APP/B3438/F/21/3278606 – Hales Hall Caravan Park, Cheadle) is the subject of an appeal. We have been asked to submit any additional comments by October 6, 2021.

As the Town Clerk, I submit the following on behalf of Cheadle Town Council: Cheadle (Staffs) is a small rural town within the Staffordshire Moorlands. It lies on the outer periphery of the Peak District National Park and within a few short miles of the popular Alton Towers Resort.

Despite its location, the town is significantly under-represented in terms of facilities, and in particular, leisure facilities. Unlike our neighbouring towns within the Staffordshire Moorlands, we do not appear to attract revenue for infrastructure within the leisure sector, and therefore we are often reliant on the generosity and motivation of our own community to install such facilities within the town.

One such facility is the Hales Hall Caravan & Camping Park in Oakamoor Road, Cheadle. The applicants in this matter, Mr Jeff Wood and his family, have spent much of their own time and resources providing a facility that our town can be proud of. The park attracts visitors from across the country, as well as providing a much needed and safe environment for local events. The facility provides considerable sustainability to the local economy, and it is only right for Cheadle Town Council to support its growth.

The facility itself has seen a remarkable transformation under the tenure of Mr Wood and his family. Since taking ownership, the Hales Hall site has been meticulously renovated from a dilapidated and ineffectual space, to a focal point of the town. Every effort has been made to retain its historical status as a Grade II Listed Building, and there are many examples across the site where the special architecture has been preserved.

Mr Wood has consistently sought the views of the town council in order to ensure that the site remains part of the community. This approach is validated by the sheer numbers of local people who enjoy the facility, as much as those who visit from far and wide each year.”

Mr Mullington added: “In terms of the appeal, Cheadle Town Council note that the matter relates to an Enforcement Notice in respect of unauthorised works to the Stables & Coach House on the site.

Furthermore, Cheadle Town Council fully respect the enhanced planning regulations and laws attached to buildings subject to listed status, and the local planning department have quite rightly identified the necessary planning considerations for an application of this nature.

Mr Wood has been to council on a number of occasions, and shown a willing commitment to compliance. He has physically bought his intended roofing tiles to council in order that they can be examined at first hand. Additionally, he has produced examples of the previously fitted roofing tiles, and provided an explanation as to why the deterioration of these tiles would have a detrimental effect on the building should they be reinstated.

Mr Wood finds himself in the regrettable situation whereby he is required to offer protection to the Stables & Coach House Building, from the risk of substantial damage and weather impairment, but finds himself unable to do so until this matter is resolved. Whilst we would not condone any intentional breach of planning regulations, Mr Wood has reliably advised us that his objectives are in-keeping with the protection and best interests of these buildings, and we sincerely believe that Mr Wood continues to hold that ideal as his principle intention. The Hales Hall buildings were under significant risk when the applicant undertook the restoration process, and it is testament to his dedication that the buildings now have an opportunity to be enjoyed for many years to come.

It is the view of Cheadle Town Council that every consideration should be given to retract the Enforcement Notice served on Mr Wood, and that the roofing tiles he has carefully sourced in order to preserve and retain the original architecture, be considered as an appropriate replacement for immediate use.

Whilst the council fully respect the legislative considerations surrounding these matters, we believe that the safety and preservation of the buildings is a fundamental priority for Mr Wood, and for those using the site, and demonstrably outweighs the planning contravention highlighted by the Planning Authority.”

Sir Bill Cash, who is the MP for the Stone Constituency which includes Cheadle, is backing Cheadle Town Council’s support for Mr Wood’s appeal.

In a letter to the planning inspectorate, he stated: “I am writing as the Member of Parliament for Cheadle (Staffordshire), relating to the appeal (for Hales Hall Caravan Park).

I wish to put on record my very strong support for the letter submitted to you by Mr Dave Mullington, Town Clerk, on behalf of Cheadle Town Council, in respect of the enforcement notice against the Hales Hall Caravan Park and Mr Jeff Wood and his family, for all the reasons set out in the letter.”

Sir Cash further told the Times & Echo: “Jeff Wood and his family have provided a facility which the town should be proud of.

They should not have been put under this deeply regrettable enforcement notice. Anything that can be done to help (Mr Wood) should be implemented.

I agree with all things set out in the town council letter – the enforcement notice should be retracted.”

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  • Councillors want to get in the real world and let people get on with there businesses !!!! I think a lot of new blood needs bringing into this town ASAP
    Written by Adele Pegg, October 3, 2021 - Reply
  • Well done to the town councillors backing Mr Wood in his appeal , he has sourced roofing tiles carefully to retain the architecture as much as possible. Hales hall is a great asset to cheadle and brings people into the town
    Written by Jill Belfield, October 3, 2021 - Reply


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