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Motown and more at fund-raiser

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30 MAY

Motown and more at fund-raiser

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A FUND-RAISING couple have handed over almost £5,000 to charity recently. Alan and Donna Smith have hosted an annual charity fundraiser for the past seven years, raising funds for a variety of charities such as the Air Ambulance, the Donna Louise, Teenage Cancer Trust, and CRY, to name but a few. This year the couple, who hosted their 2019 'Motown and More' event at Checkley Community Centre on April 15, have donated to both Bliss, a national neonatal organisation, and also Pancreatic Cancer UK.

Alan said: “This was another successful charity event held again at the Checkley Community Centre – many thanks to the committee for the use of the venue.

“The night was again blessed by Pat’s Disco, and ‘Bearwithers’ – a group of music and humour.

“The buffet was left in the very capable hands of the Golfer’s Retreat with Dawn and her superb staff.”

Alan, who is currently undergoing treatment for pancreatic cancer, also had his head shaved at the event. He said: “I thought about having my head shaved because it will probably drop out during my treatment for pancreatic cancer, so why not get a double benefit and get a few pounds of sponsors also.”

Alan and Donna chose their second charity Bliss, due to their granddaughter Lillyarna being born prematurely at 25 weeks, weighing 1lb 9oz, and now due to all the efforts of all at the Neo Natal Unit she is a bouncing beautiful 15lb and thriving.

Alan said that lots of generous people have helped to raise this year’s total of £4,670.

He said: “There was magnificent donations by many. Two notable ones being £420 from the Anchor Gardening Club, and £500 from Adrian Greensmith.

“But there were many more perhaps smaller but just as important to which our thanks are given.

“Thanks must also go to Donna my wife and Chloe my daughter who worked tirelessly to make the night a marvellous success.

“A special thanks also I must give is to the Anchor Garden Club for their kind donation of £420. Mark’s staff were also on hand to refill all empty vessels on a brilliant night out for all.”

Alan and his wife Donna recently met up with representatives from their two chosen charities.

They handed a cheque for £4,250 to Beth Ridgley from Bliss, and £500 to Adele Pegg from Pancreatic Cancer UK.

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