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Moorlands couple invent sleeping aid for youngsters

Times Echo and Life / All News / Moorlands couple invent sleeping aid for youngsters
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Moorlands couple invent sleeping aid for youngsters

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A COUPLE from the Moorlands have come up with the 'perfect travel companion' for parents of small children. Sam, aged 27, and 26-year-old Sheridan Mellor, who live in Foxt, have invented the BrumBaby – a portable sleeping aid for youngsters which plays soothing lullabies and can be taken out and about due to it's compact design. The couple, who have two children two-year-old Mollie and Mason who is six-months-old, came up with the concept for BrumBaby after their eldest had a troublesome journey back from a family trip out.

Sam, who works in sales for his father-in-law’s business at Rayne Precision Engineering Ltd in Fenton, said: “BrumBaby started as a concept idea after a tiring trip back from Llandudno with our daughter who was having a particularly troublesome journey in the car and struggling to settle with little in the way of relief until we arrived home that night.
“At the time we were using Ewan The Sheep at home to help get our daughter to sleep. However, it is reasonably large and made of wool which for a day trip out does not make for the easiest travel companion to take with you.
“After some thinking myself and my wife said there must be a better way of doing the same job whilst also being friendly for taking out and about on family day trips and holidays, whilst still retaining its key features to also be useful at home as well.
“So hereby the idea for BrumBaby’s portable sleeping aid was born, in which its compact design and rechargeable battery made it perfect for both at home and whilst on the move.
“Unfortunately after an extensive search of the UK market for consumer electronics failed, I was forced to look onward to China which is where the product is manufactured and shipped to the UK so that it can keep its affordable price of £15 each.”

2018 was the first trading year for BrumBaby as since June 2017 it had been in progressive development and the couple launched online sales in August 2018.
Sam, who attended Painsley Catholic College and then Cheadle Sixth Form before furthering his education at Keele University, said: “Since then we have enjoyed ongoing publicity such as from Ferne McCann and Emily Ross on Instagram and coverage from some independent local stockists such as Bo Belle’s in Leek, amongst others.
“Towards the end of 2018, the largest online website for baby and toddler products in the Middle East based out of Dubai, Mumzworld, took on retailing the product exclusively to the Middle Eastern baby and toddler market and we are excited to see how this develops into 2019 and hopefully more years to come.
“My wife, who came up with the name BrumBaby, and I, and our two children are looking forward with hope and ambition that this will be a good year for BrumBaby and we hope to continue our success story and hope that in the next two years we can look towards the development of a version two of the product to integrate new features at the same fantastic price, as well as seeking to open new doors with new independent retailers both on the high street and online as well as nationally as well.”
BrumBaby’s are available from Amazon and Ebay as well as from the website

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