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Master plan in pipeline to shape future of town

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28 JUL

Master plan in pipeline to shape future of town

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A NEW ‘master plan’ for Uttoxeter is in the pipeline. International real estate experts Cushman and Wakefield are working with East Staffordshire Borough Council (ESBC) and Staffordshire County Council to ‘long-term coherent vision for the town.’

Uttoxeter Town Council were set to hold an Extraordinary Meeting last night (Tuesday) to provide feedback as part of a consultation exercise on the plan. The new master plan will replace a document from 2003 and aims to shape the future of the town over the next 10 to 20 years. The plan is scheduled to be completed and put before members of ESBC for approval in December, although the disruption caused by the coronavirus pandemic has put this deadline in doubt. Cushman and Wakefield gave Uttoxeter Town Council until Monday July 27 to give feedback on the strengths and weaknesses of the town – a deadline which was extended to allow the council to meet last night. The group also asked for responses via email as social distancing restrictions prevented them from hosting a consultation drop-in event.

In a letter to the council, a spokesman for Cushman and Wakefield said: “This masterplan will identify what could be implemented in Uttoxeter in the future, providing outputs of how the town can be improved as a place for people to work, live, invest and visit over the next 10 to 20 years. It is anticipated that the new masterplan will inform the future corporate planning priorities in Uttoxeter, as well as supporting the development of any emerging and future planning policies.”

The spokesman also asked for feedback on the following points:

What strengths does Uttoxeter as a town have?

What are the main weaknesses/issues in Uttoxeter?

How would you overcome the issues and weaknesses identified above?

What do you think should be the main priority for the master plan?

What are the opportunities for future change within the town centre?

What facilities are currently missing from Uttoxeter which you would like to see delivered?

The Master Plan is included as an objective within ESBC’s Corporate Plan for 2020/21, which sets out the way in which the council aims to deliver, develop and improve its services. Uttoxeter Town Council is not expected to meet in August. Members of the public can attend meetings of the town council which take place each month, currently via zoom.

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  • 1. Boost trade by leafleting new properties....offering discount for customers new to the town....must be Great Potential here...let these people know what we have on offer in our town 2. Construct an outdoor stage( ? Bandstand type? ) in Bramshall Road park...for summer entertainment , including brass band concerts. Music for youngsters, travelling performers etc
    Written by Hazel Glover, July 30, 2020 - Reply
  • Never been the same since cattle market went, promised a new one but never delivered, trouble is someone on council just wants to keep building houses, shops, parking to expensive, no big units to encourage the big boys to come to uttoxeter, dont know what would happen without the race course
    Written by Caro, August 1, 2020 - Reply


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