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Mass community spirited token of appreciation

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Mass community spirited token of appreciation

By timesecholife on in All News, Featured News

As NHS staff, carers, emergency service employees, store staff, delivery drivers and many other key workers strive to keep the country going – residents across the nation joined in on a 'Clap For Our Carers' initiative which all started from a post on social media. And the community of Cheadle and surrounding areas was no different in joining in on the mass clap to show just how appreciative we all are of our key workers. It is understood that another 'Clap for Our Carers' will take place once again tomorrow (Thursday, April 2) at the same time of 8pm.

Meanwhile, youngsters have also been getting creative in creating colourful rainbows to pass on messages of ‘Stay Safe’ to everyone in the community.

Please share your pictures of you and your family taking part in tomorrow’s Clap For Our Carers, and also photographs of any other ways you are thanking the key workers, including by creating colourful rainbows. Email your pictures to


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