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Lorry traffic concern for residents

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10 JAN

Lorry traffic concern for residents

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PLANS to expand an industrial estate and provide more housing in Cheadle have come under fire from residents in the area. People living in Kenilworth Walk and Balmoral Drive are among those to object to proposals for additional industrial units and more homes on land off Brookhouse Way. Outline planning permission for the extension to the Brookhouse Way industrial estate and more homes on the opposite side of the road were approved in 2014.

A major planning application for up to 43 dwellings and up to 1,350 sqm of employment use has been submitted to Staffordshire Moorlands District Council by Danbank Developments Ltd.
However, residents in and around the Kenilworth Walk area have raised concerns about the plans, including fears an increase in commercial traffic could pose a risk to families living nearby.
Debi Hodson-Turner lodged an objection to the plans during a period of public consultation late last year and has since managed to take photographs to illustrate her concerns.
She said: “At the moment, the lorries that are visiting the industrial estate are already causing congestion.
“The plans include access onto Brookhouse Way from the new houses and from the new industrial units, with a lorry turning yard at the bottom of the road.
“My concern is if they build more units further down the road, the congestion will come the whole way along the bottom of that road.
“We don’t want big lorries turning round near the houses.
“There are already industrial units that are empty, so where is the need for them?
“I understand the town needs new housing, but that’s different to bringing the lorries past the houses and closer to the residential areas. I don’t think there should be an access road to the industrial units so close to the existing houses.
“It will be more dangerous than it already is and the congestion will get worse.”
Her fears were echoed by fellow resident Rebecca Cliffe who also lodged an objection to the plans. She said: “My major concern is the access road and also the access road to the proposed industrial units.
“I think if this road plan goes ahead it will be used for people to speed/race up and down this road and if/when the industrial units are developed we are going to get lorries and vans either parking or unloading outside our houses from the early hours of the morning to late at night.
“We already get cars parked at the bottom and used as a race track, I think by putting this road in here, we are seriously asking for trouble and it’s an accident waiting to happen.
“This is a quiet estate with many families with small children who play out in what we feel is a safe environment.”
At a meeting in December, Cheadle Town Council raised concerns about potential parking issues at the turning yard and suggested a barrier be put in place.
Town councillors also suggested housing such as bungalows could be a preferred option to an extension to the industrial units.
Agent for the developer, Richard Barton, a director at GVA HOW Planning, said: “Danbank Developments has consulted with residents in the area, the vast majority of which welcomed the proposal to access the already approved residential development from Brookhouse Way, rather than Balmoral Drive or Kenilworth Walk.
“However if the majority of residents are concerned over the potential for increased use of roads by commercial traffic, then the proposal could potentially be amended to revert to that originally proposed.”
A consultation on the proposals has now closed and planning permission should be either granted or rejected by February 15.

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