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Life changing opportunity for songstress

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Life changing opportunity for songstress

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A talented young singer from the Moorlands has been offered a ‘life-changing’ place at The Brit School in Croydon. Joslyn Plant, who lives in Cheadle, was one of only three students from outside the London catchment area to secure a place.

A talented young singer from the Moorlands has been offered a ‘life-changing’ place at The Brit School in Croydon.

Joslyn Plant, who lives in Cheadle, was one of only three students from outside the London catchment area to secure a place.

In September she will start at the performing arts school which boasts Adele, Amy Winehouse, Jessie J and Tom Holland among its alumni.

Joslyn has become well known across the Cheadle area after competing in national singing competitions and performing locally.

She has released her own music and regularly appears on TeenBuzz Radio.

But it was at primary school that Joslyn first found her voice on stage, after taking part in a performance at Cheadle Primary School in Year 1.

Former headteacher at the school, Michael Prescott, encouraged Joslyn to pursue her talent and continues to teach her today.

Currently a student at Painsley, Joslyn will continue with her GCSEs at The Brit School, alongside studying Music to gain RSL Level 2 Certificate in Performance/Technology and Composition for Music Practitioners.

Joslyn’s proud mum, Michelle, said: “The application process was tough, it began for Joslyn during October last year.

It consisted of a written application and answering questions in relation to the music strand which Joslyn applied for.

Joslyn’s written application was successful so she was invited to submit two video performances, one of them had to be a cover so Joslyn performed Chris Isaac’s Wicked Game which was recently shared on her Facebook page and YouTube.

The other was a short version of one of Joslyn’s own written songs called Committed which she accompanied herself on guitar.

This successfully gained her an interview which was an online video meeting due to Covid restrictions.

This was a challenging interview and by far Jos thought this was the hardest part.

She then had a further nerve-racking five-week wait until she heard the good news that she was offered a place.”

The Brit School has an official catchment in the Croydon area, but will give special consideration to up to ten per cent of the intake, to applicants of unusual merit who are out of catchment area.

This year, Joslyn was one of three students outside the catchment area and she is hoping this will be the start of a four-year journey to include Sixth Form.

Michelle added: “Needless to say how excited Joslyn is about all of this. Joslyn is very much looking forward to pursuing her passion in music at a prestigious performing arts school like The Brit.

Jos is thrilled to be joining this type of creative environment that will help to give her the tools to carve out a career in the entertainment industry and that will also help her to reach her full potential.

There are so many opportunities for Joslyn there, they have great facilities including equipped theatres, Mac suites, dance studios, recording studios, TV studio and radio suite etc.

There will be plenty of performances and shows to watch or to be involved with. Joslyn says she is most looking forward to meeting new and like-minded people.”

In the meantime, Joslyn is planning to make the most of her last few months at school in Cheadle as well as releasing more singles this year.

While Joslyn will be missed by family, friends and classmates, links to Cheadle remain strong.

Michelle said: “We thank the local community and the school for the support given. I feel that Joslyn’s education at Painsley is an advantage and will certainly give her the best head start to great GCSE results.

And special thanks to Michael Prescott and Kareem El Nagar from Steelworks Studio in Sheffield who has mentored and influenced Joslyn with her song writing and artist development.

This is a life changer for Jos and for many members of the family.
“We all hope Joslyn will be very happy with her new school and the experience that awaits her. She has worked so hard and more than deserves her place at the Brit School where we believe she will thrive.”

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