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“I’ve lost everything” – retired nurse says she is “devastated” after freak house fire

Times Echo and Life / All News / “I’ve lost everything” – retired nurse says she is “devastated” after freak house fire
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“I’ve lost everything” – retired nurse says she is “devastated” after freak house fire

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AN ELDERLY lady says she is “devastated” after a fire ripped through her home last month, leaving her having to find a temporary home. 83-year-old Margaret Keane, of Cheadle, was out shopping with her son on the afternoon of February 16 when her bungalow on Robina Drive caught fire, reportedly from lightning amidst Storm Dennis. The retired nurse of 37 years said she had just spent £1,800 of her savings on decorating the Your Housing property following what was supposed to be her “final move” in March 2019.

“The kitchen and the lounge are a total write-off,” she explained to the Times and Echo.

“There are memories that are gone that I will never replace. Memories of my grandmother, my mum and dad – feelings that you cannot replace.

“I’ve lost everything.”

Margaret is currently being housed in a property in nearby village Tean for the next four weeks.

She explained how her son and his partner had offered to put her up, but she “didn’t think it was fair as they both work.”

Margaret went on to say that kind members of the community have visited her at her temporary residence, offering food and other household items, stating that she feels fortunate to still be here.

The retiree, who recently got the all-clear from cancer, commented: “I’ve got nothing but I have still got my life, that’s the only good thing about this situation.

“I also want to say thank you to the man who kicked down the door thinking I was inside the bungalow when it was on fire.

“He is only 22, that was really nice of him to do, not many people would have done that.”

Margaret said she also wanted to thank Janet from Morrisons who brought her food, decorator Ian McFadden for his work prior to the incident, and many other friends and family who have supported her.

A spokesperson from Your Housing Group told the Times and Echo: “Your Housing Group will be fully restoring Mrs Keane’s bungalow, repairing the smoke damage and redecorating.”

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