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“It’s like playing Russian roulette”

Times Echo and Life / All News / “It’s like playing Russian roulette”
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“It’s like playing Russian roulette”

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Residents and community leaders are calling for further traffic calming measures to be put in place along a busy road in Cheadle. The call for the measures along the A521, at The Green, in Cheadle, comes after a road traffic collision in the area which involved a postal van and a residents car last week.

Residents and community leaders are calling for further traffic calming measures to be put in place along a busy road in Cheadle.

The call for the measures along the A521, at The Green, in Cheadle, comes after a road traffic collision in the area which involved a postal van and a residents car last week.

It is understood that, on Monday, September 20 at around 6.30pm, a resident was reversing into their driveway when a postal van came down the road and crashed into the resident’s car – causing quite some damage to both vehicles.

There is a lot of concern from residents about speeding traffic along the road and some residents are apparently even trying to sell up to move due to the concerns.

Cheadle town and district councillor Kate Martin told the Times & Echo: “As a resident and a town and district councillor, I have many concerns regarding The Green.
“We are seeing a raise in accidents and also damage to residents walls, garden and parked cars.

Historically residents have stood with the mobile cameras and collated data for Staffordshire Highways which has made no difference.”

Cllr Martin added: “The turning for Major Barn is like playing Russian roulette, you are lucky if you can edge without someone speeding.
“Some residents have moved for fear of cars driving through their gardens.
“We need some action from county highways on this matter. I have logged a complaint regarding this so I hope after this last accident something is done.”

The Times & Echo contacted Staffordshire County Council about the residents’ concerns about the A521, as well as a complaint which cllr Martin said she has now lodged with the county council about the matter.

In response, councillor David Williams, Cabinet Member for Highways and Transport at Staffordshire County Council, said: “Keeping our roads safe remains a top priority for us and our roads continue to be amongst the safest in the country.

We do listen to residents when they have concerns about road safety in their area and our highways team meet regularly with the local member. Any issues regarding speeding or road safety can be explored and changes implemented if necessary during this process.

People can also report any highways issues on the MyStaffs App or at”

A council spokesman added: “We will respond directly to any correspondence from cllr Martin in due course.”

The Times & Echo contacted the Royal Mail about the incident at The Green last week, which involved one of their vehicles. At the time of print, no one from Royal Mail had sent over a response.

The Times & Echo also contacted Staffordshire Police about the RTC to which they reiterated: “We are not responding topress enquiries regarding non-injury RTC’s.”

We also asked the force if they are reporting such incidents to Staffordshire County Council, to which they said: “In regards to the incidents being reported, I would advise speaking to the Staffordshire County Council Highways Department.

We also asked Staffordshire County Council about such incidents being reported to them to which a spokesman confirmed that: “It has always been the case that only personal injury RTCS are reported.”

They added: “The Police continue to report personal injury collisions to the county council and this data is used to target resources to help keep Staffordshire one of the safest counties in the country.”

A number of residents who live within the area of The Green have contacted the Times & Echo with their views about the situation. All of them have asked to remain anonymous.

One resident said: “I have been a resident of The Green for seven years and over this period of time I have witnessed many crashes and damaged vehicles due to speeding vehicles on our roads. The residents of The Green are truly fed up of living in fear of a fatality be it a passenger or an innocent pedestrian. There are many school children walking this road on a daily basis who are in grave danger of being mowed down

Myself, I’ve had two cars written off and one damaged, friends on the road also have had vehicles written of or damaged. Walls have been knocked down, lamp posts damaged. I think after the latest incident last night (September 20) where a Range Rover was hit by a van which took the rear bumper off which flew down onto the pavement, this itself could have seriously injured a pedestrian. The van came to a halt quite away down The Green

In my opinion it has only been sheer luck that no one has died or been seriously injured. This road needs speed restrictions ASAP. The council need to step up to the mark. I know I’m speaking for all of the residents of The Green – we live in daily fear of our road.”

Another resident said: “My points are: this is third accident this year, county councillor was contacted yet again about the others, no response; numerous accidents since at least 2014, lamppost destroyed three times, cars on side and on roof, emergency services often called, county council contacted many times and urged to act – no action; only physical measures to curb speeding will be effective, it is too widespread for anything else to work; speed van sometimes put past Brookhouses crossroads has no effect on The Green, it’s in the wrong place.”

Another resident said: “I am a resident of The Green in Cheadle. I am writing to express mine and my neighbours concerns about the situation regarding the busy road we live on. Within the last 24 months we have had multiple car accidents on the (road), last of which happened on September 20 around 6.22pm. There were a few others during summer 2021.

All of the crashes happened because cars were speeding, even though the speed limit on this road is 30 miles an hour. We, the residents of The Green are getting more and more worried about our safety and safety of our children. There are quite a few young children living here who go to school.

You probably know that the pavement leading to the town is ridiculously narrow which causes a lot of inconvenience and fear when cars, vans, lorries and tractors go past at high speed.

Being a parent, I can’t explain the pressure I feel when I have to walk with my children up and down our road, even my son says that he feels insecure (he’s only seven) using this pavement because in summer he witnessed the sounds of a car crashing into the wall along the sidewalk (where The Green crosses Dilhorne Road) and after, saw the damaged vehicles and at the same time can’t use the pathway in rainy weather to get to the town.

We would appreciate if the authorities paid close attention to this problem, at the end of the day we are talking about a life threatening situation here, or do we have to wait until there’s a fatality, to be heard?

And another resident sent in their suggestions for the area, to help combat the issue. They said: “Improvements to the main road: Repeat speed limit signs of 30 mph on the road surface to remind drivers they in a 30 mph zone; Hidden junction sign on the road to warn drivers of Majors Barn junction; Speed cameras or visits by mobile speed van to reinforce speed limit; Possibly a warning sign for a dangerous bend near Majors Barn junction.”

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  • It’s not the road that’s dangerous it’s the people using it who are dangerous either because of reckless behaviour or lack of sufficient skills to control a vehicle safely.
    Written by Mar philps, September 30, 2021 - Reply


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