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Isobel’s artwork is a winner

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Isobel’s artwork is a winner

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AN ARTY pupil has won 10 trees for her school. The trees were a prize in an art competition hosted by Uttoxeter Town Council as part of National Tree Week 2020.

Isobel Ironside, a student at Windsor Park Middle School, was chosen as the winner of the competition, and the trees were presented to the school last week. National Tree Week 2020 took place from 28 November 2020 to 6 December 2020 and to celebrate this, Uttoxeter Town Council gave away native trees to Uttoxeter residents and schools.

The town council offered 60 tree whips (bare root trees) to residents which proved to be very popular. Tree varieties available were Common Alder, Common Elder, Oak hedging, Crab Apple, Hazel, Hawthorn and Common Hornbeam.

The council also invited children to get involved by entering a ‘Best Tree Picture or Photo’ competition via their school, with the wining school being awarded 10 tree whips (bare root trees). The entries were submitted and judged virtually and Isobel’s picture was selected as the winner.

Uttoxeter Town Mayor, Councillor Sue McGarry visited the school to present the trees in a socially distanced manner on Wednesday, March 31 and received a warm welcome from the Windsor Park Middle School Eco Group.

Additional trees were also given to Oldfields Hall Middle School. The town council decided to provide the trees for National Tree Week as part of its ongoing commitment to protecting and supporting local wildlife as well as working to combat climate change.

Trees help to mitigate against climate change and capture carbon in the atmosphere. They also help to prevent flooding, reduce pollution, keep soil nutrient rich as well as providing homes and travel corridors for wildlife including birds, insects and mammals.

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