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“I feel that I am not being heard”

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24 JUN

“I feel that I am not being heard”

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A Uttoxeter mum has raised concerns about repairs not being carried out at her Trent & Dove Housing property. Kelsey Clowes lives with her three young children in Uttoxeter.

A Uttoxeter mum has raised concerns about repairs not being carried out at her Trent & Dove Housing property.

Kelsey Clowes lives with her three young children in Uttoxeter.

Kelsey told the Uttoxeter Echo: “After finally getting Trent and Dove to move me from a two-bed maisonette, with two toddlers and a nine-month-old baby I was offered a three bedroomed house in July 2019.

When I was shown around the property, there were a few things I noticed that needed repairing, or replacing. I was told to ring Trent and Dove as soon as I got my keys to get the jobs done.

These were the jobs: Skirting board behind my toilet and sink in the bathroom. The wood was rotten and not at all possible for this to be painted;

The trip switch box, which is at the bottom of the stairs (my children can reach) had no covering on the front. The first day I called for someone, a chap came out, but hadn’t got the right fitting, so he said he would get in touch with someone else and come back. He has never been back and I have made many calls for this to be fixed, due to having three young children under five at the time.

The garden was in a terrible state and I was told that the earliest anyone could come out would be in three weeks time. I said not to worry, we can sort the garden. Unbeknown to us what was buried in the garden. Carrier bags of dirty nappies, dog mess, glass to name a few etc. I asked for someone to come out urgently, due to health and safety reasons for my children.

My fence panels have since fell down and finally I’m told that it’s actually the neighbours and their responsibility to get it fixed. This neighbour is not taking responsibility for it.

The pipework in the kitchen, living room and bathroom are very exposed and need to be covered, due to getting hot and a danger to my children.”

Kelsey continued: “I have sent these complaints to the complaints department of Trent and Dove. Nothing has still been done.

I appreciate that we have been in a hard situation, due to Covid-19, but the jobs I have requested are very important.”

Kelsey added: “I have constantly had leaks in my house, resulting in my bathroom being flooded three times, this has resulted in a hole in my daughters ceiling of her bedroom.

I called them out and they found that my loft was soaking wet and had been leaking for sometime and he said that he would report it.

They have not been back since and this was back in January/February. At the time I was decorating my daughter’s bedroom and I was told to leave it until it was fixed. My daughter’s bedroom is still not done and it is very cold.

I feel that I am not being heard and this is not being taken seriously. I hear of other people having faults corrected in their property, but nothing is being done for me.”

The Uttoxeter Echo contacted Trent & Dove Housing about Kelsey’s concerns.

In response, Mark Gormley, Property Director at Trent & Dove, said: “We have a commitment to providing an excellent repairs service, working quickly to resolve issues which are our responsibility.

More than 90 per cent of customers with a repair expressed satisfaction with the service, which suggests we – as a whole – get it right.

Having last month been awarded the very highest international health and safety accolade from RoSPA and with 100 per cent of our gas, electric and other compliance checks up to date, we are also confident of our performance in this area.”

He continued: “The number of repairs that Ms Clowes has reported since moving into her property in 2019, is significantly above average.

All these requests were completed within target timescales. No official complaint has been received. Regardless, we of course want all residents to be happy in their home, and having learnt of her safety concerns, we have arranged a re-visit to offer peace of mind on the issues raised.

As an immediate reassurance, her main concern regarding the fuse box is cosmetic, and we have reassured Ms Clowes that it poses no safety issues and was dealt with at the time in 2019. The same applies to standard exposed pipework; any water is the temperature of a normal radiator. We are happy to re-visit to reassure her of the safety features if it provides additional peace of mind.”

Mr Gormley added: “We are aware of one outstanding repair request and are working with Ms Clowes to arrange a mutually agreed appointment to do this.

We are always keen to hear first-hand on ways to further improve our services and would urge customers to report issues to us so we can resolve these or confirm where they are a customers’ responsibility.”

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