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“Houses are towering above our properties”

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30 MAY

“Houses are towering above our properties”

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RESIDENTS have raised concern about a new housing development which they claim is being built higher than what was set out in the original plans. The concern surrounds the St Modwen Homes' Bramshall Meadows development in Uttoxeter – a planning application which was previously passed by East Staffordshire Borough Council. A number of residents from the area around the new development recently attended a Uttoxeter Town Council meeting to try and drum up support from newly-elected councillors.

Chris Reynolds spoke on behalf of the residents in Milverton Drive stating that they have concerns about: “the houses, which have been built parallel to Milverton Drive, have been raised significantly above the original field level” and that “those houses tower above our properties resulting in a complete intrusion into our lives with lack of privacy in our own gardens and indeed in our own living and bed rooms.”

Mr Reynolds went on to say that they (the residents) believe that there is some “three metre difference from the original field level to that of the new build garden levels.”

He further explained that the residents are now demanding, at least, a meeting with ESBC planners and a St Modwen representative to discuss this issue.

They are also insisting that screening takes place now – rather than at the end of the project – and that it is mature hedging “so that screening will start to take effect in the next few years rather than in 10 years with basic hedging.”

The residents are also demanding that they receive compensation for the lack of privacy which, they state, they are facing in these interim years before the trees have fully matured; and compensation “for the significant loss in house values.”

Uttoxeter Town Council noted the resident’s concerns, and new town mayor councillor Sue McGarry said: “We do want to keep an eye on this for you but as a town council we can not.

This is a matter for the borough council and I am sure our borough councillors will look into this and come back to us.”

An ESBC council spokesperson has since told the Times & Echo: “The borough council has been in discussion with the residents at Milverton Drive in recent weeks following a number of complaints about land levels associated with the new St Modwens development.

Following discussion with the developer an application to regularise the garden land levels is due to be submitted and residents will be notified formally when the consultation period commences.”

A spokesperson for St. Modwen Homes said: “We are aware of concerns raised by local residents regarding the height levels of selected plots at Bramshall Meadows.

The levels of the houses on those plots are compliant with planning requirements.

However, we are now proposing to introduce a smoother gradient to the gardens on those plots in order to provide more usable space for future residents.

This will mean that the fence line is slightly higher than previously approved, which will help to provide more privacy for both existing residents and future occupiers.

We are also proposing to upgrade the planting scheme with substantially more additional mature trees and mixed shrubbery along the full extent of the eastern boundary, adjacent to Milverton Drive/Ashleigh Drive.

This will help to ensure that the new development is well screened from the existing houses.

Amended plans, which include the revised garden levels and additional planting, have been submitted to the Local Planning Authority recently for consideration.”

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