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“He was one in a million”

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20 JAN

“He was one in a million”

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The son of a popular Moorlands community figure has paid tribute to his father after he sadly passed away last month. Roy Colclough passed away on December 21, aged 80, after a lifetime of dedication to the area.

The son of a popular Moorlands community figure has paid tribute to his father after he sadly passed away last month.

Roy Colclough passed away on December 21, aged 80, after a lifetime of dedication to the area.

Born and raised in Cheadle, many knew him from his 46 years working at Alton Towers where he was bestowed the role of manager for catering, quality, front of house, customer services, hotel operations and team liaison during various points in his career.

Roy was in charge of catering and staffing for when the Royals visited in 1987 for a special edition of hit television show ‘It’s a Knock-out!’

He left in 2002 before retiring in 2004, when he then took up volunteering for the Douglas Macmillan Hospice in Cheadle’s charity shop branch.

Roy’s involvement with the charity increased after the passing of his wife of 42 years Evelyn in 2008, with whom he had son Mark. Roy and Evelyn were also grandparents to Mark’s daughter Abi.

During his time volunteering for the Dougie Mac, Roy received a Hospice honours award in the ‘Inspiration Category’ in a presentation at Keele University for his selfless work.

Outside of his charity work, he enjoyed singing in the Wetley Rocks Male Voice Choir, travelling around the area with them to perform.

He also volunteered at the Cheadle Amateur Theatrical Society (CATS).

“You couldn’t go anywhere with my dad without someone saying hi or wanting to have a word with him,” Mark told the Times & Echo.

“He was a model father and grandfather. If you looked up ideal grandfather in a dictionary, that’d be my dad.

“He’s always been there and now he’s not there you miss that call, that quick word whatever that may be.

“He’s everything that you’d hope anyone could have in a relationship with a father and grandfather.”

Mark explained the impact his dad had on his work colleagues at Alton Towers throughout his time at the theme park: “I think he inspired a lot of people, working at Towers.

“People may have started their working lives as a young teenager at Alton Towers and he sort of nurtured these people, took them under his wing and from there they developed their careers but they always seem to remember my dad.

“He was never afraid to get his hands dirty so would do anything, even though his title was manager.

“His favourite phrase was ‘time to lean, time to clean.’

“I think what a lot of people remember about my dad is he was always willing to help. I think that’s why people have so much respect for him, he leads by example. He was one in a million.”

Mark added that those who knew Roy have a profound respect for him and that “nobody ever seems to have a bad word to say about him.”
He continued: “They all speak so fondly and kindly of him, he always had time for everybody as well.

“He just wanted to help and put something back and this is one of the reasons why he volunteered for as long as he did.

“He’d always listen, offer advice – just very kind-hearted, caring and passionate.”

Mark explained: “He always seemed to have the right words for the occasion but he’d never want to burden anyone else with any of his issues if he had any.

“He was just an all-round nice person, you couldn’t wish for a better father and grandfather.”

Roy’s funeral is set to take place on Friday (January 21) at St Giles the Abbot CofE on Church Street at 2.30pm prior to a ceremony at Carmountside Crematorium on Leek Road in Milton at 4pm, to which all are invited to.

The family is asking that those who wish to give to donate donations. These will go to the Dougie Mac in honour of Roy and what he would have wished.

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  • Roy was a true gentleman always full of fun whenever you entered the DM charity shop. He's been greatly missed. Good night & God bless xx
    Written by B A Davall-Burton, January 21, 2022 - Reply
  • I was 18 when I met Roy at Alton Towers and all that his son has written is so very true. I worked on the rides at Alton Towers for almost 2 seasons then left to have my son. Years later I came across Roy again in the Dougie Mac shop on the high street Cheadle where he'd always have a chat and remember myself from the Towers days. I've asked a shop member about Roy and how he was every time I've been in but not much news was transferred. I'm so very sad to learn that he has passed but he certainly will be lovingly remembered by myself. R.I.P Roy, you are a legend. Xxxx
    Written by Anita Parkes, January 23, 2022 - Reply
  • A true gentleman in every aspect of the word. I miss seeing his smiling face and friendly chat may you rest in peace Roy Cheadle will be a sadder place without you. X
    Written by Christine Johnson, January 23, 2022 - Reply
  • Just one word for this lovely man - legend. RIP Mr C, condolences to your family at this very sad time
    Written by Alison Hawley, January 23, 2022 - Reply
  • Roy was one of the best new him from when I was a kid in Churchill rd he lived in Victory cres always had time for a chat a true gent RIP Roy God bless you.
    Written by Steve Darren, January 23, 2022 - Reply
  • Roy was a fantastic human being. He always had time for every one and was always extremely helpful if you had a problem. I worked with him at Alton Towers and shall treasure those memories of him for the rest of my life.
    Written by Jane Cliffe, January 23, 2022 - Reply
  • I worked with Roy at the towers in the early 80's. He was such a special man. Supporting Dougie Mac was so important to him after his beloved Evelyn passed. Rest In Peace Roy xxxx
    Written by Deborah Sproston, January 26, 2022 - Reply


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