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Green light for highways schemes

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23 APR

Green light for highways schemes

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A £55k highways scheme has been approved for Uttoxeter alongside a speed review on an arterial road into town and traffic calming in Stramshall. The works are part of a £42.7 million fund allocated to highways and transport by Staffordshire County Council for 2020/21.

The package of measures for Uttoxeter has been created by highways officers in liaison with Uttoxeter’s county councillor, David Brookes. Feasibility studies have been completed for several schemes in the town which could be delivered after consultations and as resources permit.

It is expected to include parking provision and pedestrian safety measures for High Street and Park Street parking and loading provision in Queen Street with potential electric vehicle charging points and new parking restrictions in Oldfields Road, Carter Street, Balance Street and Market Street.

There are also potential improvements to the junctions at Stone Road with Smithfield Road as well as at Church Road and Silver Street, which could be combined with a potential bus gate on Back Lane and a bus layby on Bridge Street. There are also plans for the public realm around the War Memorial, with additional removable bollards to prevent parking and a removable bench.

Cllr Brookes said: “There is a housing development on the edge of town where residents find it difficult to access the town centre. A pedestrian crossing at the top of Bridge Street should provide a gateway into the town centre. That is a logical improvement. “We’re looking at improvements for the War Memorial area.

“There will be a removable bench where the JCB monument is, which can be moved for the period of Remembrance to allow the monument to be installed, which is what was agreed with Uttoxeter Town Council. “Extra bollards will be put into place to stop illegal parking around the War Memorial. “I’m saddened we need to do this, but it’s almost impossible to police this area. “We’re also looking at less restrictions on parking in the market place.

“We want to see people coming into the town centre to use our shops and businesses when they are open again.”

There will also be a series of traffic calming measures implemented in the village of Stramshall. A £16,000 project will be delivered to ‘mitigate the impact of traffic generated from the expansion of JCB at Waterloo Farm, at Beamhurst. Other schemes included in the highways plan include a speed limit review on the A518 Weston to Uttoxeter.

Concerns over speed have been raised by parish councils and £5,000 has been ear-marked for a review. In a report to the county council’s cabinet, officers cited concerns around speed near the Castlewood Café service area and Amerton Farm, accidents at Grindley and issues around pedestrian safety in Weston along the A51

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  • But living in Stramshall will still be incredibly noisy and exit from the village will continue to be impossible when ALton Towers traffic is around and at JCB clock on and off times (both ends of the village). It now feels like living on a giant traffic roundabout. We still have to take a longer route to and from town if we can’t face the dice with death on the MacDonalds roundabout. The big issues have been avoided so that big business toes aren’t trodden on, JCB have got their access to A50, but nothing has helped the most dangerous junction. Oh, that planners looked to the future and worked out the whole plan, instead of needing to resort to piecemeal bits an pieces as an afterthought.
    Written by Margaret Chell, April 26, 2020 - Reply
  • As Residents of Bridge Street, it would have been nice to have had the bench or even two of them in place before VE day it's a shame it's taken so long to get put through but I guess better late than never.
    Written by Woolley, April 27, 2020 - Reply


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