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“A good day for independence in Cheadle”

Times Echo and Life / All News / “A good day for independence in Cheadle”
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“A good day for independence in Cheadle”

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INDEPENDENT election candidates have taken over a town council by storm. Following last Thursdays local elections, Cheadle Town Council now has nine independent councillors, 12 Independent Voice for Cheadle councillors, and one Conservative councillor. Independent Voice for Cheadle councillor Dave Sargeant told the Times & Echo: “During the last 12 years that I have been involved with Cheadle Town Council, either just by attending meetings or as a councillor, to me this is close to the most perfect council as I remember.

“I think it should be all independents and no political parties at town council level.

“This now gives us the perfect opportunity to have full and open debate on any subject and hopefully come into a consensus with the community views and not our own.”

Cllr Sargeant explained that the Independent Voice for Cheadle is a group of “like-minded individuals who have got interests of Cheadle at heart rather than being political.”

He said: “It is not a political party and we have agreed that there will be no party line to follow.

“All members of the group will be free to vote on matters how they feel fit for their wards in which they represent, and we know that there are going to be times when there will be different opinions from the different communities across the three wards of Cheadle.”

After the last local elections in 2015, Cheadle Town Council was made up of five independent, two UKIP, ten Conservatives and members of the Moorlands Democratic Alliance.

The sole remaining Conservative council member, Stephen Ellis, said: “Naturally, we were disappointed by the results.

“We wish the new town and district councillors well in their new roles and we’ll continue to serve the town we love and are proud to call home.”

The Cheadle Town councillors are now:

For the Cheadle North East Ward: Julie Bull, Phil Routledge, Robert Slater, Alan Thomas, Paulette Upton, Ian Whitehouse,

For the Cheadle South East Ward: Richard Alcock, Wayne Durose, Peter Elkin, Alex Jackson, Greg Powell, Martyn Tighe, Nigel Wood,

For the Cheadle West Ward: Gary Bentley, Stephen Ellis, Jamie Evans, Add Lees, Ron Locker, Kate Martin, Ian Plant, Dave Sargeant, and Ray Wood.

Cllr Sargeant stated that it is exciting times for Cheadle Town Council with so many independent councillors being elected, as well as there being eight new councillors “who will bring lots of enthusiasm and fresh eyes.”

He added: “It certainly is a good day for independence in Cheadle.”

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