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Still no start date for consultation on My Care My Way

THE future of Cheadle Hospital as a site for health services in the town remains uncertain almost a year after intermediate care beds were closed at the facility.
Stoke-on-Trent and North Staffordshire CCGs have been unable to give a date for a long-awaited consultation exercise which would include the future of the hospital.
The My Care My Way model promoted at-home care in place of intermediate care in community hospitals and a consultation on the plans was due to begin in February.
The CCGs cited local elections and then the general election for repeated delays in launching the consultation exercise.
Marcus Warnes, accountable officer for Stoke-on-Trent and North Staffordshire CCGs, said: “It is right and proper that we undergo the NHS England assurance process, which seeks to ensure that our proposals for future local health care is safe, and provides the best options for patients.
“This process includes clinicians, regional and national processes to satisfy the four tests introduced by Simon Stevens earlier this year.
“We appreciate that this delay, following on from several months of local and national elections, prevents us from carrying out the consultation and has caused uncertainty for local people.
“We would like to assure everyone that we will make sure the consultation process is representative, inclusive and effective.
“We are very much looking forward to gathering their views and ideas about the future of local health services.”
Elections at local and national level were held in May and June.
The consultation was originally delayed from February to May 8th – four days after the local elections on May 4th.
However, the consultation was then delayed again to allow for the general election, which took place on 8th June.
No launch date for the consultation has yet been announced by the CCG, almost two months after that election.
Cheadle Hospital Action Group’s Ron Locker said: “The situation is we have had two meetings at the council due to these elections.
“We are now waiting for a reply to a letter that was sent to Marcus Warnes, asking as and when this can be reconfigured and put our ideas and listen to what he has to say.
“We are still waiting, but we’re very optimistic for the future and we hope that the ideas that we have got will come to some fruition in due course.”
Campaigners who lobbied to keep beds and intermediate care services at the hospital held protests and pickets last year ahead of the closure.
Julie Bull spearheaded the Save Our Beds campaign when it became apparent that services at the hospital were underthreat.
She said: “The CCG have treated our town with disdain – with their flawed and unfair consultation processes.
“Not only do we need to know what they’re intending, we also need to be given the chance to voice our opinions.
“But, it seems as though we will be the last to know – being the last to know is fast becoming a regular occurrence here.
“With nearly 1,500 more houses intended for the town and less and less services, our community is being crippled.
“Staffordshire Moorlands District Council are fighting hard to save Leek Moorlands Hospital, and I support them wholeheartedly in their battle but, it seems we here in Cheadle have no support whatsoever.
“We’re the forgotten town of the Moorlands but we all need to continue to protest at the loss of beds and services at Cheadle Hospital.
“The staff we had were second to none – they are all gone, the beds from the wards are all gone, some of the equipment is gone even though we raised money locally to pay for some of it.
“We need answers and action.”

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