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Four new councillors on town council

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Four new councillors on town council

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Four new councillors have been co-opted onto a town council in the Moorlands. The co-option took place at last Wednesday’s (June 23) meeting of Cheadle Town Council.

Four new councillors have been co-opted onto a town council in the Moorlands.

The co-option took place at last Wednesday’s (June 23) meeting of Cheadle Town Council.

Cheadle Town Clerk Dave Mullington said: “Our Full Council meeting on Wednesday (June 23) saw councillors vote to co-opt for the four vacancies held by the town council.

Our advertisements drew significant interest and the standard of applications was very high.

It is encouraging that we continue to have those who are willing to give their own time and make a positive contribution to the town.

On behalf of the council, I would like to thank all those who put themselves forward.

The successful candidates will take up their new role with immediate effect, and will serve the Community in both the South East and North East Wards.”

There were seven candidates who had put themselves forward for the four vacancies. One position had become vacant following the passing of councillor Ian Whitehouse, who sadly passed away on November 30; while another vacancybecame available when former councillor Peter Elkin decided to step down to retire in December.

A third position become available in the Spring after the stepping down of councillor Alex Jackson; while the fourth became vacant after Hugh Black decided to resign as councillor in May.

The new councillors were co-opted by the remaining members of Cheadle Town Council as: Liz Haines, Mark Staton, Dennis Wilson, and Stephen Haines.

Here are the statements (some in part due to length) which each successful candidate put forward prior to the co-option vote taking place.

Mark Staton said: “ I am 50 years of age and I live in Tean, with my wife and my two children. As a child, I moved with my family to Kingsley Holt in 1982. I bought my first house in Cheadle with my wife in 1993 and lived in the town until 2016.

My wife works within her family business, Country Interiors. They have been trading in the town for 75 years. My first job at 15 years of age was on Cheadle Market, working for Bill Nixon and Barry Titley on the fruit and vegetable stall.

I moved into engineering after leaving school, but struck a different course at the age of 21 when I joined Staffordshire Police. I served for 25 years, rising to the rank of Detective Inspector. I took retirement in June 2020 and have since qualified as a financial adviser, running my own practice from home.

“ I have a keen interest in local and national politics. As a police officer I was unable to stand for elected office, so this is my first opportunity to serve my community as a councillor.

“My second career as a financial adviser affords me flexibility in my working hours. This will allow me to commit to council business during the day, the evening and at weekends as required.

“ I am keen and enthusiastic about becoming a councillor. I see it as an opportunity to continue to serve the public and make a difference to peoples lives.

“I am driven by my values of fairness, integrity and honesty and I hope to use my position to make Cheadle a better place to live, work and visit. ”

Dennis Wilson said: “I was born in Sandbach, Cheshire but I have lived in Cheadle since 1986. I have two children and four grandchildren.

“I am a member of the Royal Antediluvian Order of Buffaloes with which we as an organisation have raised money for many local charities that have needed help.

“ I have worked in Cheadle for many years in my small family vehicle repairs business, and I am really aware of how hard it is for small businesses to keep going and make a living and succeed.

“ I would like you to consider me for a position on the council with an aim, along with yourselves, to make Cheadle a prosperous town once again.

“The last 12 months have been very challenging and it would be nice to see the market town of Cheadle back on its feet once again. ”

Liz Haines said: “ Through my recent experiences following council meetings and being involved in the community, I have found myself really enjoying the opportunity to help make a difference.

“I would like to put myself forward for the casual vacancy and commit to doing this in a formal capacity on the town council.

“I am a mum of two children living in Cheadle and am employed as a qualified librarian working in the NHS.

“As a librarian I enjoy supporting healthcare professionals with their information needs and feel my information skills may help in the role of town councillor.

“My strengths are my enthusiasm for the community and people in Cheadle.

“I recently created a Facebook group called Cheadle Future Together, to encourage engagement in local issues. I would listen to and support our community and help make a positive change in the area. ”

Stephen Haines said: “Although not being born in Cheadle, my wife and I moved to Cheadle approximately 30 years ago, so I have lived in Cheadle longer than elsewhere.

“Shortly after moving I joined the 2nd Cheadle Scout group, and was the Cub Scout Leader and Group Scout Leader for 20 years.

“I have always been very community orientated, and will always support the community in anyway that I can. Since retiring seven years ago I trained as a CAB advisor in Cheadle, and stayed there until my wife became ill and had to leave subsequently.

“I am also a very active member in Cheadle Amateur Theatrical Society, where I am the secretary, as well as treading the boards.

“I am also a member of the Old Age Pensioners group, again in Cheadle.

“As I mentioned earlier I am now retired, but when working I was a psychiatric nurse for 40 years. The last 20 years of these I spent working on the community with clients with serious mental health problems, which was very rewarding but could also be very challenging at times.

“I worked solely in the Staffordshire Moorlands alongside the police, GP’s, district nurses, and many other professional teams. I had a very large area to cover, Cheadle, Leek, Biddulph and all the outlining areas, from the bottom of Ash Bank to Hartington, to Uttoxeter, and Longnor, and everything in-between.

“This knowledge of the Moorlands has given me a very good insight into the wants and needs of Moorlands people.

“Combined with my career and voluntary work I have done over the years with the things I mentioned above, I think this gives me a fairly good understanding of how I could help to shape Cheadle and make it fit for purpose in the future.”

Pictured from the left councillor Liz Haines, Cheadle Town Mayor councillor Sue Walley, councillor Mark Staton, and councillor Dennis Wilson.

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