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Footballers fury at unsafe pitch

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26 APR

Footballers fury at unsafe pitch

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FOOTBALLERS are demanding action after paramedics had to manoeuvre an ambulance through a pedestrian gateway to reach an injured player.

The accident, at Tean Road Recreation Ground, Cheadle, was the fourth injury on the football pitch in a month.

Now managers of two town teams are calling for improvements to justify the rise in pitch hire which was agreed by Cheadle Town Council earlier this year.

A player for Bird in Hand suffered a dislocated ankle and two fractures – all to the same leg – during a match at the weekend.

Paramedics were denied access to the pitch via the main driveway by recently installed wooden bollards and instead had to squeeze through the pedestrian gates further down the road, with spectators halting traffic as they manoeuvred through the narrow gap.

The accident happened during the team’s away match against Cheadle Rovers who had a player carried off in the first half with a twisted ankle.

Players and supporters alike have slammed the state of the pitch.

Helen Hunter, clerk to Cheadle Town Council said: “We do have a gate and hope to install it very soon in this area. With regard to the metal gate it is not usual for this to be closed but this weekend we had a pothole filled with tarmac, which is just in front of the gate, so I suspect it was closed to prevent it being used by traffic whilst it set.

“It appears to have been an unlucky set of circumstances but I will certainly report it to the town council.”

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1 Comment

  • report it, what are you going to do about it. think on, if it was your son with grandkids?????????????
    Written by mick grantham, April 26, 2018 - Reply


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