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Fond farewell from former headteacher

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25 JUL

Fond farewell from former headteacher

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A FORMER headteacher has left a Moorlands school after more than two decades as he moves on to pastures new. Mike Prescott has called time on his teaching career after 23 years at Cheadle Primary School. Mr Prescott, who teaches music, told the Times and Echo: “I've been teaching for 41 years and I've taught at five or six different schools.

“Before this, the longest I’d been at a school was six years; I never dreamed I’d stay at a school for 23 years.

“I think it’s the right time to do some different things.

“I’ll be teaching music in different schools and doing some other work across Staffordshire.

“It just seems the right time to go.”

The 62-year-old, who joined as headteacher in 1996 before stepping down from the leading role in 2015, said he will miss the productions the school puts on each year and that he hopes: “if there’s one thing I hope the children and I take away would be all the plays we’ve done.”

The music teacher began his teaching career in 1978 and said the education system has changed “massively” since then.

He said: “I think there is much greater demand on teachers and headteachers; (greater) pressure around results and getting things right.

“There’s more pressure on these youngsters.

“We’re testing them at five and six – we never used to do that.

“That’s tough and is harder on the schools.”

Mr Prescott advised new teachers who are about to enter the profession for the first time to “make sure there are things that the children are doing outside of the classroom; things that are memorable experiences that they’re always going to remember.”

He said: “Those are the things that will enthuse them and then they will work hard at the day-to-day things.”

When asked about how he’d like to be remembered, the long-serving teacher said: “I’d hope to have been somebody who has helped children achieve high academic standards through music, drama, dance and the arts.

“I always believe that music, drama, dance, the arts and sport are all the things that make children want to get out of the bed in the morning.”

Mr Prescott added: “I’d like to thank all the pupils that have been through the school in my time, all the parents that have given me fantastic support over that time and all the staff that have been through the school during my time here.”

In honour of his service to Cheadle Primary School, the school has created the Prescott Music Award which is given to students for great achievements in music.

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  • A truly inspirational headteacher...not just for students but for staff too. Very many fond memories of teaching at Cheadle Primary School and wish Mike the very best doing what he loves xx
    Written by Sarah Morgan, July 26, 2019 - Reply
  • Mr Prescott was the head teacher all threw my time at cheadle primary he's a great teacher and I couldn't thank him enough the things he did for me at school. Would love to speak to him again.
    Written by Shane hassall, July 26, 2019 - Reply
  • From across the globe, all the best Mike as you move onto pastures new. A passionate and dedicated teacher and hard working head teacher who has touched many children and staff with the love for music and the arts. You were my music teacher as a child before being a friend and work collegue.
    Written by Lisa Barth, July 27, 2019 - Reply
  • Omg Mr Prescott was thee BEST head teacher! He made my time so memorable at Cheadle primary, I had the best of times there, he always made it so enjoyable! Thank you Sir your an inspiration! ❤ ..everything you just said you hoped for in this article.. it came true! I did remember everything outside of class, all the plays! That's what MADE my time there at Cheadle primary! So thank you!
    Written by Lauren, July 28, 2019 - Reply
  • You always gave us the chance to get upon stage and express ourselves. You are amazing! You had true passion for the school and everyone in it!
    Written by Lauren Adams, July 28, 2019 - Reply
  • Left in the early 2000s and still talk about the plays we did!
    Written by Leigh, December 3, 2019 - Reply


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