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Fiver Fest launch this weekend

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Fiver Fest launch this weekend

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A WEEK-long feast of special deals for a fiver kicks off in Cheadle town centre this weekend. On Saturday, members of the town's Totally Locally scheme will be aiming to boost the town's economy by offering a selection of wares for just £5. The Fiver Fest is part of the first nationwide scheme aimed at showcasing how spending just £5 a week in independent stores can drive up local economies.

According to calculations by Totally Locally, Cheadle’s economy would receive a £2.6 million boost over the course of a year, if every adult in the town spent £5 a week in an independent shop or business.

The Totally Locally Fiver Fest runs from Saturday, June 8 to Saturday, June 15 in more than 30 towns across the country.

And businesses in Cheadle are getting ready for fiver fever by offering a product or service at a reduced rate of just £5 for the entire week-long festival.

Special Fiver Fest posters will be displayed around the town, highlighting the special deals on offer throughout the week.

Cheadle Totally Locally’s Dee Beardmore said “We’re joining in with the National Fiver Fest to give people some great bargains for local shoppers, but also to showcase the town and the great shops and businesses we have here.

“On average each independent business has around 12 local suppliers who are also often independent, family run businesses. So that £5 spent is re-spent locally as well, further helping the town.

“And the beauty of spending £5 is that it’s easy, guilt free and pretty much anyone can do it. Tiny actions like this can make a huge impact when lots of people vote with their feet!

“If every adult in Cheadle spent just £5 a week with their local independent shops and businesses instead of online or at the big supermarkets or chain stores it would be worth £2.6 million going directly into our local economy.”

A number of shops and businesses around the town will be displaying posters advertising what their £5 special offer will be during Fiver Fest.

Chris Sands, founder of Totally Locally, said: “Independent businesses are the lifeblood of our high streets and town centres, run by incredibly passionate and knowledgeable people, often pouring their life savings into their businesses.

“Everyone is aware of the challenges our high streets are facing and, so far, there has been a lot of talk but no real actions.

“Totally Locally towns have run many Fiver Fests individually with great success, so we decided to coordinate a National Fiver Fest to spread the word about our £5 message and get people back into our town centres and supporting their high street.”

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