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‘Firework went shooting over my daughter’s head’

Times Echo and Life / All News / ‘Firework went shooting over my daughter’s head’
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‘Firework went shooting over my daughter’s head’

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A MOTHER has claimed that a firework went “shooting” over her daughter’s head in a village in the Moorlands on Thursday afternoon (February 27). The woman, who wished to remain anonymous, told the Times and Echo that the incident occurred in Blythe Bridge between 3pm and 3.15pm with her daughter calling her in distress over what had happened while others were being set off. She stated that the route her daughter was walking at the time was down Cheadle Road and then near Tesco Express, located on Uttoxeter Road.

The mother commented that she was not sure if her daughter had seen who was letting the fireworks off.

She stated: “My daughter heard a firework and it went shooting over her head, so she rang me to see where I was because she was panicking as they, whoever it was, were letting off more.

“It was between 3pm-3.15pm. She would’ve been either walking down Cheadle Road or near to the Tesco Express.

“She is fine but at the time was obviously a bit shaken. I’m not sure if she saw who was letting the fireworks off.”

The incident provoked a reaction online from social media users who had heard the noise.

“Do we know what caused the loud firework sounding bang by the school today approximately 3:15?” one user asked.

“I was driving past when it went off. I couldn’t see anything either but everyone turned around,” another commented.

Someone else wrote: “Someone set off a firework. Fancy letting a firework off in daylight, and where do they get them?

“I thought someone’s house had gone bang.”

Another stated: “I’m surprised if it was a firework. The noise before the big bang sounded like fireworks but the one at 3.15 hours sounded like a big explosion.”

A further social media user added: “It was one big bang. Like a huge bag of crisps popping bang if that makes sense?”

Staffordshire Police said it had no record of the incident.

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