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Family get creative online

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Family get creative online

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A MOTHER and her children have created an online video giving youngsters and parents ideas as to how to keep kids entertained while still being educated during the homeschooling period. Many students started learning from home recently following the Governments decision to close all schools amid the coronavirus outbreak. Only the children of parents who are classed as 'key workers' are permitted to attend their respective education centres.

Clare Muzeza and her children, nine-year-old Taio, eight-year-old Kobi and three-year-old Ciera created a fun and engaging video on their YouTube Channel ‘TKC TeeV’ suggesting different mobile apps, online videos and practical activities youngsters can do at home to keep them learning and entertained.

The children, who attend Forsbrook Primary School, take the viewer through each activity, demonstrating how to play them.

Some of them include exercise, while others include academic tasks to stimulate young minds.

Clare, formerly of Cheadle, told the Times & Echo: “On the YouTube channel, we try to give people ideas of things to do and where to go.

“This one was about being stuck in lockdown and giving parents ideas on how to homeschool their children.

“We included a couple of apps we have used through school and others we have been using for a few years.

“The kids were laughing all day, they really enjoyed the apps that we recommended.

“They were so happy. The video has got around 300 views and everyone who has watched it said they loved it.

“I’ve had a few teachers from school saying they enjoyed it too.”

Clare, a marketing director, explained how her children were still able to engage in their extra curricular activities despite not being able to leave the house.

She said: “Ciera attends a ballet class on Fridays but now she obviously can’t go they have brought online classes to her.

“The boys do drama and they have a class on Zoom.

“It’s about trying to keep them entertained. We’ve got three children of different ages who are all learning and at the same time getting the exercise they need.”

Clare, who now lives in Weston Coyney, said her family are “doing fine” at home and are putting together another video soon.

She said: “We are doing fine, my husband’s at home too so it’s just a case of finding things for the kids to do.

“They don’t seem to be bored, they’ve got plenty of school work to keep them busy on top of the activities.

“We are planning to make another video soon, this time for teenagers to show them that they can still interact with friends without going out.

“It’s just about making children aware that they need to stay home and not go out when they shouldn’t be.”

To view the video, visit YouTube and type ‘Coroanvirus Lockdown. Schools out. Ideas on what to do with kids at home including bloopers’ into the search bar.

ARE YOU and your family doing something special to keep yourselves entertained during the current surreal situation? Email us with details of what you’re up to, along with any pictures, to

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