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Families thankful for vaccine drive

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26 JAN

Families thankful for vaccine drive

By timesecholife on in All News, Uttoxeter news

FAMILIES across Uttoxeter have welcomed the ‘ray of hope’ given by the first mass vaccination event in the town. More than 2,500 doses of vaccine were administered to mainly older people at Uttoxeter racecourse on Saturday, January 23.

Douglas and Sheila Morrell both had their Covid-19 jabs on Saturday

The majority of people over the age of 80 in East Staffordshire have now had a Covid-19 jab. Retired nurse Jeanette Morrell Sargeant from Uttoxeter had also praised the efforts of the vaccination team on Saturday after her parents Douglas and Sheila Morrell, both aged 88 and from Uttoxeter, received their Covid jabs.

Jeanette said: “As a retired nurse myself I am very relieved that they have had their vaccines. “My mum said it was very well organised and the staff were great. In fact my sister-in-law, Sally Morrell, who is a registered nurse, was helping with the roll-out too.

“They both feel ok and although I do call in at times as I help them, we were in a bubble, but I don’t stay long. I miss them and I know mum misses us all and the rest of her family as we are close.

“We are looking forward to the day when we can all meet freely again, but we still got follow the rules for a while yet.”

Jeanette was one of many people across the Uttoxeter area who took to social media to praise the staff and volunteers who were working at Uttoxeter racecourse on Saturday.

Jane Plant from Uttoxeter is a full-time carer for her mum, Maureen Thompson, aged 85 and accompanied her to her vaccine appointment on Saturday.

Jane said: “All the way through this pandemic, I’ve thought if my mum gets it, the chances are I’m the one that has given it to her. It’s a feeling of absolute dread.

“It’s nice to think she’ll have some immunity now. It’s given me hope that she is safe – we can see an end to this now, it’s a bit of peace of mind. There were some problems with traffic, but everyone was over 80, so they’re not likely to be walking to the racecourse.

“We didn’t mind. We would’ve waited all day to make sure she got it. “It was fantastic, we got there and they were great. I couldn’t believe how well it was organised.

“It was running really smoothly, but they still took time for a personal touch – it was unreal. It was so well done and everyone was marvellous from the doctors to the volunteers and they should all be proud.”

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  • Thank you all who administered the Covid-19 Vaccination programme on Saturday at Uttoxeter Racecourse. Everything went so well, great organisation and volunteers, doctors, nurses should all be commended. Thank you.
    Written by Stuart Miller, January 27, 2021 - Reply
  • I also went for mine at the race course on Saturday. Congratulations on the well organised and smooth running of the session,no waiting out in the sooner had you parked your car and walked to the entrance you were inside guided to your surgeries table then to another table to fill in the form and then to the chair had your jab, move to another area for 10 minutes then home after being asked if you were ok.
    Written by, January 27, 2021 - Reply


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