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Fairtrade partnerships to tackle climate change

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22 FEB

Fairtrade partnerships to tackle climate change

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A SERIES of information displays in Uttoxeter are bringing the Fairtrade Fortnight message to venues across Uttoxeter.

Mini exhibitions focusing on the festival’s ‘choose the world you want’ theme, have been set up across the town.

Fairtrade Fortnight began on Monday, February 21 and runs through to March 6.

Fairtrade involves people in Britain and other countries having the option to buy goods carrying the Fairtrade mark, which ensures extra money is paid to the producers, enabling them to invest in more efficient production and pay for better education for their children.

Uttoxeter achieved Fairtrade Town status in 2017, and the Fairtrade Uttoxeter Steering Group continue to campaign to retain the status, by raising awareness of Fairtrade products available in the town, which include tea, coffee, chocolate, fruit, sugar, clothing, and other goods we all use.

Dave Trenery, Secretary of the Fairtrade Uttoxeter Group said: “Climate change hits people in low-income countries the hardest.

“Extreme weather destroys crops and livelihoods and creates more poverty – but climate change also hits people living here in the UK and Uttoxeter, as we saw with last weeks’ storms. Climate change is everybody’s problem.

“We want people to choose Fairtrade products because that puts more power and more money in the hands of the people most affected.

“These people are fighting climate change: they are campaigning for action to reverse the damage to our planet, but they are also pioneering new ways of farming and producing goods to cope with climate change, supported by Fairtrade and other charities.

“Fairtrade products are eco-friendly, and the Fairtrade Foundation ensures that production methods protect forests and biodiversity. It is in everybody’s interests to buy Fairtrade: every purchase is a step  towards choosing the kind of world you want to live in.”

Part of the work to raise awareness about Fairtrade, it’s impacts on climate change – and how people in Uttoxeter can make a difference – are included in the information displays that are available to view now at Uttoxeter Library, St Mary’s Parish Church, Uttoxeter Town Hall, St Mary’s Catholic Church, Waitrose, and The Globe Foundation Eco-Shop.

Reverend Charles Dale, Chair of Fairtrade Uttoxeter, said: “Our partnerships with other organisations are particularly important, because everybody needs to work together to tackle climate change.

“The Town Council has declared a Climate Emergency and is backing Fairtrade with a display and with the Mayor’s Fairtrade Coffee Morning, which will take place at the Town Hall on Friday 25 February from 10am to noon.

“This is a fun event where people can enjoy coffee, tea, and cake, and find out more about Fairtrade.

“It will raise money for Fairtrade and for the charities supported by the Uttoxeter Mayor Councillor Chris Sylvester, including YESS our local mental health organisation.

“Fairtrade Uttoxeter is also working very closely with The Globe Foundation which is tackling climate change locally. One of the key issues facing the world is the mass extinction of so many species of plants and animals – biodiversity loss.

“Fairtrade Is seeking to protect biodiversity in the developing world, but we also support the local initiatives led by The Globe Foundation.

“We will be making a presentation about how Fairtrade helps biodiversity at a conference for local organisations on biodiversity on Thursday 24 February, which has been organised by The Globe Foundation.”

Kate Copeland, Director of The Globe Foundation, added: “We value our partnership with Fairtrade because it promotes positive change across the world.

“Climate change cannot be tackled in isolation: The Globe Foundation is leading the drive to make the Uttoxeter area carbon neutral by 2030, but climate change is damaging the entire world. Working with Fairtrade Uttoxeter complements our local campaign and links it to global initiatives.”

Dave Trenery said: “There are a fantastic range of organisations in Uttoxeter which are acting to create a better world and we are working to build partnerships with as many of them as possible. These organisations include Uttoxeter Churches Together which  organises the weekly Lenten Lunches which start on Friday 4 March at the United Reformed Church Carter Street.

“All the money they raise will go to WaterAid which is tackling the global problem of access to safe water supplies. This complements Fairtrade’s campaign and therefore Fairtrade Uttoxeter is sponsoring the Lenten Lunches this year.”

If you want to know more about Fairtrade contact Dave Trenery on 0754 958 1132 or email

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