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Elvis tribute act raises money while raising roofs

Times Echo and Life / All News / Elvis tribute act raises money while raising roofs
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16 APR

Elvis tribute act raises money while raising roofs

By timesecholife on in All News, Community News

AN ONLINE Elvis tribute show has brought in thousands of pounds for the NHS after social media users donated money while enjoying a resident’s hour-and-20-minute live-stream performance. Mark Clay, from Saverley Green near Fulford, has managed to raise over £5,300 for frontline health workers to help them battle the ongoing coronavirus outbreak. The 50-year-old has done a lot of charity gigs around the area for a number of years and, after talking with wife Claire, decided to still put on a show for a good cause on Saturday despite being in lockdown.

“It went really well,” Mark told the Times and Echo. “We had raised thousands before we even started.

“People were then putting money in during the show, and we had some really good comments.”

Mark admitted it felt strange not to be performing in front of a live audience but said that he hopes the money will help the NHS and thus somebody with coronavirus disease.

“It was a bit different and a bit weird to perform in front of nobody except my family but the requests kept coming in so I ended up doing over an hour – I was out of petrol,” he laughed.

“Over 4,500 people have now watched the video and we had 500 people tune in on the night.

“I had 1,100 Facebook friends and now I’ve got around 1,600 because people kept passing it on.

“People can still donate and I hope people do if they can. Even if it is just 50p or however much they are able to, it would be great.

“You never know, you might need them yourself, it doesn’t matter your age. If it saves one life then we’ve done the job.

“Hopefully the money can help nurses buy some food after a 12-hour shift or be put towards a mass of aprons, anything like that.”

Mark was very humble and reiterated that it was about the people who had donated money, not him and his performance. He said: “I’m just a normal person doing a show, it was about people having a laugh and making everyone happy.

“It’s everybody who has donated the money and all their proceeds who should get a round of applause.

“On Good Friday, the page had only been open ten days and already £2,500 had been donated.

“It’s unbelievable what they are doing.”

Mark revealed that he would be doing a half-an-hour ‘end show’ on April 25 as a thank you to everyone who has donated to round off fundraising and close the donation page.

For now, the page is still open and taking donations, with Mark encouraging people to still give if they can.

He added: “You can still watch my video on Facebook and donate too.

“I will be doing an end show a week on Saturday as a thank you to everyone who has given money.

“The more we can raise, the better.”

To watch the video visit ‘Mark Clay’ on Facebook and to donate, go to and search ‘live Elvis tribute show’.

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