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Dying Matters workshop at Guild Hall

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Dying Matters workshop at Guild Hall

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AN evening dedicated to discussions about death will be held in Cheadle next week. The event, hosted by Churches Together Cheadle and J.P Keates & Son Funeral Directors, is part of national Dying Matters week. The aim is to promote a healthy conversation around the subject of death and will include information about funeral planning.

Rector at St Giles the Abbot Cheadle and St Chad’s at Freehay, Rev Nicky Grey decided to organise the event in a bid to provide a safe and calm space where people can discuss the prospect of death.

Rev Nicky said: “From the Churches Together point of view, we want to make sure we can contribute into this discussion with our own particular perspective on how in the context of death we can find life.

“Death happens to everyone and mostly it’s a known and expected part of nature’s order and being aware of it, but not dwelling on it, is a key aspect of living a happy, full and productive life.

“Though it has to be said there are always tragic and premature deaths which seem out of nature’s order and the ‘Why?’ questions can linger deeply – we hope and pray that talking about it will help.

“Dying Matters aims to bring conversations and talking about the subject of death and bereavement. “When death isn’t such a taboo subject, people can lead happier lives and are more likely to prepare for their funeral arrangements, which will help their families in their time of need.”

The evening workshop is on Tuesday, May 13 from 7pm and the programme for the evening will include refreshments with an introductory talk by Rev Nicky followed by an item on experiences of planned and unplanned funerals.

Members of the team at J.P Keates & Son will give advice and outline helpful things to know when planning a funeral and the evening will end with ‘grave talk’ – an open session to talk about death, dying and funerals.

Alan at J.P Keates & Son Funeral Directors said: “Rev Nicky Grey approached us and invited us to be involved with the local churches in supporting Dying Matters week and we thought this would be an opportunity to give advice, share our knowledge and experience and give guidance where needed, as well as providing details and contacts of particular organisations which help with grief.”

The session will be held in the Oakley Room at the Guild Hall on Tuesday May 13 from 7pm to 9.30pm.

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