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Firefighters assisted by barge crew

FIREFIGHTERS enlisted the help of people enjoying a day on the canal in a dramatic water rescue.
A calf, which had become wedged between trees at the side of the Caldon Canal in Cheddleton, was pulled to safety by crews using an inflatable walkway.
Four crews from Staffordshire Fire and Rescue Service – two from Leek and two from Newcastle, including the water rescue team – were called to the “difficult animal rescue” yesterday morning, Tuesday 6th June.
The calf was spotted by a walker on the embankment of the Caldon Canal, off Cheadle Road near Cheddleton Flint Mill.
Neil Pedersen, Station Manager, said: “When we arrived we realised this would be a tricky rescue due to the position of the calf – it had fallen down a steep embankment and become stuck between some trees.
“Accessing the calf was difficult but thanks to some kind people on a canal barge, we were able to get crews across the other side of the canal quickly so they could set-up a winch to free its legs.”
Once on the other side crews used a rope winch system to lift the calf and free its rear legs, which were wedged between two trees.
An inflatable walkway was used to rescue the calf, keeping it afloat so it could be pulled to the towpath and removed from the water.
A waiting vet checked the calf over and thankfully, other than being extremely tired, it was uninjured.
Station manager Pedersen added: “Thanks to some really good teamwork the calf was successfully rescued and reunited with the farmer.”

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