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Detached plan for extension of hotel

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Detached plan for extension of hotel

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A REVISED planning application has been submitted for an extension of a town's hotel. East Staffordshire Borough Council has received a revised planning application from Whitbread PLC for the “extension to the existing hotel to provide additional bedrooms, a new access, and associated alterations to car-parking and landscaping” of the existing Uttoxeter Premier Inn hotel which is situated off the A50 at the junction with Derby Road. The hotel was last extended following planning permission being granted in 2009 for the expansion from a 41 bedroomed facility to 75 bedrooms.

ESBC granted permission for the erection of a 22 bedroom two-storey extension at the site in December of 2018 – proposals which had been set to be built on to one of the hotel’s current buildings.

The new revised application is asking for permission to erect a “detached building to form a two storey 23 bedroom extension to the existing hotel to provide additional bedrooms, new access and associated alterations to car parking and landscaping.”

In a Design and Access Statement with the planning application, a spokesman for Whitbread PLC said: “The difference between the aforementioned permission and this application is that the access location is revised, and the new rooms are located within an annexe.”

They also added that there is currently pending consideration an application seeking revision to the approved plans of planning permission passed in December, as well as another application seeking for the discharge of condition number four of the same application which has already been passed.

In their reasoning for the proposals, the spokesman said: “Premier Inn has identified that there is considerable demand for additional budget hotel accommodation within this area of Staffordshire.

This proposal will go some way in helping to address this demand.

The application proposes a two-storey extension to be adjoined to the western elevation of the existing extension block.

The proposed extension for 23 bedrooms will bring the total across the site to 98.

Due to the proposed extension being located on the existing car park, the existing parking

arrangement will require some re-arrangement.

An enlargement to the existing lobby/reception area of the existing hotel is also proposed as part of

this application.

The proposal will match the existing built form on site in terms of scale, massing and materials.”

In summary, they added: “This proposal for an extension to an existing Premier Inn hotel accords fully with both national and local planning policy.

It makes best use of existing facilities and seeks to provide good quality budget hotel accommodation in order to fulfil an identified need and create employment.”

Comments on the revised extension proposals for Uttoxeter’s Premier Inn can be made to ESBC through their website by June 23.

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