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Crocheting for the homeless and care workers

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16 APR

Crocheting for the homeless and care workers

By timesecholife on in All News, Community News

A RESIDENT in the Moorlands has used her crocheting talents to create scarves and hats for the homeless as well as designs for frontline key workers too. Amanda Hollins, from Tean, took up the art of crocheting three years ago after seeing people have a go at it on YouTube. Since then she has donated her work to numerous charities over the years, such as Alzheimer's UK and the Royal British Legion.

Now, Amanda has been creating gifts for the homeless and NHS workers during the coronavirus pandemic.

“My son and his girlfriend are carers so I did a rainbow for them and other NHS workers,” she told the Times and Echo.

“I’ve also made things for the homeless too such as hats, scarves, blankets and gloves.

“I can normally do a hat in an evening and a few days for a scarf but it varies each week on how much I do as I have quite a few different things on the go that I create.”

Amanda said she has sent boxes of items through to homelessness charity The Macari Foundation and also to a church in the area.

“I have sent things to various charities over the past couple of years – I created 100 poppies for the British Legion two years ago,” she explained.

“I’m always doing hats and scarves for charities and for my granddaughter and I normally save them up for the colder months.

“But I’ve been able to do slightly more than usual now that we are on lockdown.”

Amanda added: “Now that people have got quite a bit of spare time on their hands, maybe they could have a go?

“It’s something you can sit down and do while helping others.”

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