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Crash sparks road anger

Times Echo and Life / All News / Crash sparks road anger
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18 OCT

Crash sparks road anger

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A CRASH in which a car flipped onto its roof has sparked angry protests from villagers living along a notorious stretch of road. Residents in Kingsley Moor have hit out at highways officials at Staffordshire County Council in the wake of the crash on Monday. A traffic management scheme introducing 40mph and 50mph zones was introduced along the A522 at Easter.

But villagers say not enough signs have been erected and much of the road safety plan has yet to be installed.
A blue car was involved in the RTC at around 5pm on Monday, October 15.
An ambulance and a paramedic officer were sent to the incident by West Midlands Ambulance Service to treat two patients at the scene for minor injuries.
One campaigner told the Times and Echo: “This latest crash has happened within 10 feet of a similar accident less than a year ago, with multiple incidents recently just below there.
“The original scheme we were promised included a ‘maximum speed 40mph’ bend sign on this spot and by the accident-prone corners below, with additional solid lines and 40/slow painted on-road.
“Again this never got carried out at Easter.
“There were supposed to be solid lines to prevent overtaking from Dilhorne crossroads downwards – that also didn’t happen.
“It has not been done properly, no one has followed up the initial work at Easter – yet again we go into ‘what can we do?’ mode.
“We were told it would never be a 50mph maximum – it is.
“We were told you will never get a 40mph zone – we have – just finish the job!
“Only around a third of the signs that used to be on this road have been replaced with signs depicting the new speed limits, placed on high embankments or within hedge rows.
“We’ve given the county council time because we wanted to give them a chance to get things sorted, which was what they promised.
“This isn’t good enough.
“When the signs for the 40mph zone first went in at Easter there was a definite difference. “It slowed the momentum of the road massively at a key speeding section, also slowing the rest further down.
“Sadly within a fortnight both starting speed limit signs had been snapped off with current drivers now half unaware what their speed should now be.
“To date it’s gone back to what it was before – people are driving into a 40mph zone which is only half installed.
“We got a scheme which was passed and work started, never to be finished.
“Now it’s only partially installed and they say they haven’t got the money to finish it off – where is the response from councillors?
“We need this adding urgently to your agenda before yet more lives are lost.”
Helen Fisher, Staffordshire County Council’s cabinet member for highways and transport, said: “The safety of our roads is a constant priority in Staffordshire and we take the responsibility very seriously.
“Speeds in this area have recently been reduced from the national speed limit to 50mph and 40mph respectively to reflect local concerns and we continue to monitor the situation.
“We will find out more about the accident, particularly to understand any contributory factors and act accordingly once we know more.”

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