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Couple’s parenthood joy thanks to ‘little miracle’

Times Echo and Life / All News / Couple’s parenthood joy thanks to ‘little miracle’
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Couple’s parenthood joy thanks to ‘little miracle’

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‘LITTLE miracle’ Arabella Faith Kinsey has already been part of an incredible life journey at less than a month old. Arabella, who was born on June 11, entered the world via emergency caesarean amid a global pandemic. The tiny tot was conceived through IVF treatment after her parents, Luke and Jasmine Kinsey, feared they would not be able to have children.

The couple hailed Arabella as their ‘little miracle’. Luke, aged 29, works as a warehouse packer and Jasmine, 28, is a nursery nurse. The couple married in June 2017 and live in Uttoxeter.

Jasmine said: “After a few years of trying for a baby and feeling like something wasn’t right I went to the doctors for them to tell me it was due to me being overweight. I joined Slimming World and lost the weight and it still didn’t happen. I went back and this time I booked to see a different doctor. When we went to the clinic I was told I still needed to lose another two stones before treatment, which would help me carry our baby, which I managed to do.”

The couple started the first round of IVF drugs in August last year, with Jasmine undergoing surgeries in September to have some eggs removed and, on September 29, an embryo implanted. Jasmine added: “The next two weeks felt like a lifetime. I tested at 5am on October 11 and I couldn’t believe it – we were pregnant! We felt so lucky – our first round and we were pregnant. We didn’t find out the sex of the baby as we wanted it to be a surprise.”

The couple shared the news with family and friends including Jasmine’s parents Carl and Marie Thacker and Luke’s parents Christine and Ian Kinsey. But when Jasmine was six months pregnant, the UK declared a national crisis due to the coronavirus pandemic and a strict lockdown was enforced.

Jasmine said: “I feel lucky to have had a healthy pregnancy but it’s not been easy during lockdown. My mum couldn’t be in the delivery room with me like we planned, I didn’t get to have a baby shower, or to see our families feel her kick. But we can’t complain, our families are safe and so is she. During her delivery I had to have an emergency c-section and as soon as she was delivered my husband was asked to leave. We were at Queen’s Hospital, Burton and they were amazing and so was my midwife – I couldn’t have done it without them. You wouldn’t think there was a pandemic on, they made me feel at ease and even when baby and I became distressed they helped tie my hair up and gave supportive comments. I don’t think the NHS get enough encouragement. I had to stay in hospital at first so Luke didn’t get to share the first few days. But we both feel so blessed to have our beautiful baby girl.

“I honestly feel like our dreams have come true – it’s something we waited so long for and we’re so in love with her. It’s easier now lockdown has eased. I can’t wait to show her off and for our family to cuddle her and I’m hopeful we can have some nice photos taken of her as she’s been unable to have a newborn photo shoot due to restrictions. We are both enjoying being parents, as a young girl it’s something I always dreamed of. It’s not how I thought it would happen but I honestly believe everything happens for a reason. I think there should be more information on IVF and I am so glad I spoke to my doctor and all the support we were given.

“Our parents were all really supportive throughout our journey and we’ve found that, as we’ve been so open, there are other people who have been through the same as us. I just want to tell anyone out there that they are not alone and dreams can come true – that maybe this will give them hope. I’m sure Arabella will be spoilt rotten and give us plenty of stress and grey hair along the way, but we can’t wait to see what the future holds for our family. And whatever happens we feel blessed as the three of us will always have each other.”

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