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Council’s clarion call to combat climate change

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28 FEB

Council’s clarion call to combat climate change

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A CLARION call to take action against climate change has been issued by Uttoxeter Town Council.  The council is launching a new initiative in a bid to combat declining habitat for wildlife and humanity’s impact on the natural world.  The council will launch a consultation next week in an attempt to help nature and wildlife thrive in and around the town.

A new committee has been formed to drive the Uttoxeter Nature Recovery Network – a scheme which will see the council work with developers and landowners to balance the loss of habitat as well as working to overcome the impact of climate change.

Deputy Mayor Councillor Carolyn Green, who chairs the committee said: “A thriving natural world is vital for human health and well-being, yet we know that globally and locally wildlife and our green plants are under threat from human developments, pollution, and climate change.

“We need to fight back on behalf of our countryside and wildlife by working together to protect and enhance our natural world.

“Uttoxeter is a brilliant place to do this, because we have so many groups and committed people who are already turning Uttoxeter into a greener town.

“We need to reach out to people to get everyone involved so we are consulting widely as possible with groups and

residents to develop the initiative.

“We have written an outline plan, and this is included in our consultation document. The consultation will take place from March 2 to 30. The town council will be holding a consultation meeting at the Town Hall at 2pm on Wednesday, March 11.

“We want as many people and organisations to come along to that meeting as possible, so that we can hear their views, and hopefully, build partnerships to enhance nature.

“We are also sending out our consultation document to many

organisations and individuals and we are publishing an online survey, which will be available on the town council’s website and facebook. Interested people can pick up a copy of the consultation document from the Town Hall.”

Committee Member Dave Trenery said: “We need to start small but grow big. Initially we will focus our efforts on making Uttoxeter a hedgehog friendly town, but we hope that this will grow into an initiative which can embrace people of all ages, schools, local organisations, and developers and local business”.

Town Mayor Councillor Sue

McGarry welcomed the initiative and said: “People everywhere are concerned about climate change, pollution and what that is doing to our wildlife and our communities.

“This initiative is an opportunity for people to address some of these issues and make a difference locally. We can help wildlife and help ourselves at the same time.”

If you would like more information about the initiative contact Uttoxeter Town Council at, telephone 01889 564085.

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