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Council set to oppose 228 house development

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Council set to oppose 228 house development

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Community leaders have voiced their concern over proposals to build 228 homes in their area. Bloor Homes has submitted a planning application to Staffordshire Moorlands District Council (SMDC) to erect the dwellings on land east of Froghall Road in Cheadle.

Community leaders have voiced their concern over proposals to build 228 homes in their area.

Bloor Homes has submitted a planning application to Staffordshire Moorlands District Council (SMDC) to erect the dwellings on land east of Froghall Road in Cheadle.

The site is bordered to the south by an existing residential development off Hammersley Hayes Road. The proposals state that ten of the 228 homes will be self-build – or ‘custom-made’ – while 143 will be ‘market housing.’

Planning documents, which accompany the application, outline that 75 affordable housing dwellings are forecast to be built if proposals are passed, equating to 33 per cent of the total property count.

Within the planning application, a representative of Bloor Homes said: “The aim of these proposals in a post-Covid-19 world will be to create homes in which people will be happy to spend time in for either living or work, set into a strong public realm and green environment in which they can interact with one another and the natural environment.”

Further to this, plans state that a potential location for a children’s play area has been identified with landscape proposals showing opportunities for “natural play” and a network of pedestrian and cycle routes that connect to open spaces.

Emery Planning Consultants engaged in public consultation over pre-application plans, sending out leaflets to 380 residents and setting up a website for community members to look over proposals and send in their feedback.

A report about the consultation, accompanying the application, states that the responses “have been considered in the development of the planning application.”

Although in geographical terms the site would be classed within Cheadle, the land in question is in fact within the parish of Kingsley.

Kingsley Parish Council and Cheadle Town Council were scheduled to hold a meeting last night (Tuesday, October 5) in regards to the planning application.

At a Cheadle Town Council meeting on Monday (October 4), Development and Service Committee chair councillor Alan Thomas said the meeting between the two councils would be “informal” but invited his colleagues to share their thoughts so their views and concerns could be put forward in Tuesday’s discussion.

Councillor Ron Locker said: “One fundamental thing about this country at the moment is we are building on prestige, agricultural land.

“When are we gonna learn that so many brownfield sites have been sitting there for years, waiting for someone to build on them? But no, they always want green fields.

“We haven’t got the infrastructure, in fact they’re taking some of it away before building – there’s arguments about leisure centres and hospitals.

“Until we’ve got answers about the town’s way forward, it (the planning application) should be refused.”

Councillor Richard Alcock added: “What are they trying to do, ruin Cheadle?

“The roads are always gridlocked now. It’s ridiculous, absolutely beggars belief.”

Concerns about the welfare of youngsters as a result of the build were raised by councillor Liz Whitehouse and Cheadle Town Mayor councillor Sue Walley.

“My concern is for the safety of children,” Cllr Whitehouse said. “Cars come down that road ridiculously fast at 60/70 miles per hour.”

Cllr Walley concurred: “I think this is a very bad move for Cheadle.

“I think the safety of children is paramount. It isn’t safe now to walk little children to school, we’ve got dark nights coming up.

“I really think these developers don’t have any clue – if you’re building affordable housing for young people, naturally come along children.

“Never mind 400 cars, if every house has two children, a lot of them will be going to school and nursery.”

Other matters discussed included the number of road vehicles the development would attract and how its access proposals may possibly encroach on recreational land owned by SMDC that is rented by Cheadle Town Council.

The council said it would enter discussions with Kingsley Parish Council with the view of supporting the opposition to the proposals.

Meanwhile, Kingsley Parish Council chairman Ken Unwin told the Times & Echo: “We need time to fully consider this fairly complex planning application.

At this early stage the priority must be to raise local awareness of the issue.

We have already heard concerns from a number of Hammersley Hayes residents when the proposals were initialled aired in July.”

The SMDC public consultation for the planning application is set to end on November 3 with the application determination deadline set for December 27. The application can be viewed in full on the SMDC website.

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  • Having just driven along the access road to this proposed development today, there are limited footpaths. Plus the road still looks like its victorian horse and cart road era. I.e. not fit for @ 400 extra cars. Not to mention all the construction traffic required to build the premises. Oh yes and the loss of the green belt through further tarmac and concrete been poured all over it.
    Written by Simon Cadman, October 7, 2021 - Reply
  • I think there is a lot of housing construction already going on in Cheadle, not only do we not have the infrastructure to support this development, the roads do not support more development either. The Froghall road from Kingsley Holt down into Cheadle is already a dangerous with a nasty bend just before the town sign. Often cars speed up and down this road. Already there are problems at the top of Froghall rd and the road going down into Cheadle. How much more traffic do we have to endure, going through the town is often a nightmare with no other route round it. Cheadle it self needs to be improved before anymore development.
    Written by Diane Pierce, October 7, 2021 - Reply


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