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Council row over housing concerns

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Council row over housing concerns

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Councillors have been at logger-heads over housing development issues in their town. Cheadle Town Council held their Meeting of Committees on Monday (July 4) in which discussions over housing development concerns caused great a dispute between councillors.

Councillors have been at logger-heads over housing development issues in their town.

Cheadle Town Council held their Meeting of Committees on Monday (July 4) in which discussions over housing development concerns caused great a dispute between councillors.

Within the meeting, an agenda item entitled ‘Cheadle New Housing Development Issues and Updates’ was presented by councillor Greg Powell.

Regarding cllr Powell’s update, which was presented to councillors prior to the meeting, on Augustus Way, councillor Paulette Upton stated: “We have had a response from Ben Haywood (planning officer at SMDC) regarding the road situation, but we are going to have to take it to county council to see what is happening with the road.

It is shocking that we haven’t got our own building inspectors.

The developers aren’t finishing that road, it is down to the county council.”

Cllr Powell said: “The county council are the ultimate authority on our highways so we should let (county councillor) Mark Deaville know that they are very upset by the response given to residents and give us real answers.”

Chairperson of the meeting, councillor Alan Thomas, claimed that, in regards to the highways, the council have been advised and assured that the issue of these areas is being looked in to.

Councillor Ray Wood said: “Mark Deaville needs to actually attend a meeting to discuss and get this sorted once and for all, asking for freedom of information takes months to come through.

Get the meeting with the relevant people and get it sorted once and for all.”

Cllr Powell then claimed: “My objective is to try and sort these problems out for residents, we need to persevere and write to the relevant people.

Just to be clear I don’t think the site is going to be fit for adoption, there are things there that need to be put right.

We need to challenge the position that it is a highways issue.

I propose to write to highways agency and copy the response from Ben Haywood, and see what their position is on it.”

Councillor Jamie Evans also proposed that the head of county council needs to be “held accountable.”

A vote went forward regarding cllr Powell’s motion to write a letter to county council, and it ended with it being a tied vote, to which councillors Powell and Evans were evidently unhappy. A named vote was requested but declined.

Councillor Stephen Ellis said: “Writing to the highways agency is writing to the wrong authority.

It is a negatively worded proposal.”

This caused dispute between Cllr Powell and Cllr Ellis, along with further dispute between Powell and cllr Thomas ultimately leading to Cllr Evans stating: “I’ve had enough, I’m going home.”

Cllr Evans then left the meeting, but not before making derogatory remarks towards both cllr Thomas and Cheadle Town Mayor, councillor Sue Walley.

Cllr Walley said: “It is highly embarrassing representing Cheadle like this, it is fairly clear how we should behave.

Respect the chair, this is disorderly conduct.

We are all entitled to opinions but people making derogatory remarks is unacceptable.

This is ridiculous.”

The vote on the matter of writing a letter to the county council then went ahead as a casting vote, in which resulted in the town council deciding not to write the letter as “it would be addressed to the wrong people and there is no understanding as to who actually owns the road.”

Cllr Powell said: “The reason why I got upset is that after all that debate, people didn’t agree to the letter and I am shocked that you wouldn’t want to get to the bottom of the problem.”

Councillor Ron Locker said: “I have never seen falling outs like this in my life, it is an absolute disgrace and ridiculous.”

The discussion then moved onto the Froghall Road Development – Ness Grove agenda item, in which cllr Powell brought up the fact that the buildings have been built at an estimated two and a half metres above ground level.

Cllr Powell said: “Looking at a property that is two and a half metres above the fence, the concern is raised towards their privacy.

We need to write to the district council to ask if this elevation of the property is necessary and acceptable, as there are worries about loss of aspect and the elevation.”

A dispute then occurred once more between cllr Powell and cllr Thomas as chair, leading to cllr Walley, as town mayor, to take over the chair position of the meeting.

She stated that she found the behaviour: “absolutely appalling.”

Powell continued to express his concerns, claiming: “I’m frustrated because I want to help the community.”

Cllr Bentley, when referring to the issue at hand, stated: “When asking about the sites, we need to ask where the original data of the measurement has come from.

Cllr Powell is doing a splendid job by raising these concerns and bringing them forward to the council.”

Cllr Walley agreed with Cllr Bentley and only disputed with how this dispute was being handled at the meeting.

A vote was put forward in regards to taking an amendment to reference the height as a question, but the vote was ultimately deferred.

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  • Oh dear....nothing much seems to have changed at CTC since I was County and District Councillor he4 nearly 25 years ago. Same names,same issues! May I respectly say what I said then. Over 20 councillors for what is in effect a Parish Council is far too many. No wonder there is never agreement. Comparison with Leek (12) and Uttoxeter (14) may be useful.
    Written by, July 7, 2022 - Reply
  • Sorry ..line 4 should Not he4
    Written by, July 7, 2022 - Reply


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