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Council closes all public toilets amid coronavirus fears

Times Echo and Life / All News / Council closes all public toilets amid coronavirus fears
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Council closes all public toilets amid coronavirus fears

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A COUNCIL has decided to close all its public toilets in an attempt to quell the spread of coronavirus. Staffordshire Moorlands District Council (SMDC) said it was taking heed of Government advice by implementing the closures. A spokesperson for SMDC said: “In line with the Government’s advice for people to stay at home due to the coronavirus situation, public toilets across the Staffordshire Moorlands district were closed until further notice on Saturday, March 21.”

Prior to this announcement, community leaders had slammed the state of a set of public toilets in the Moorlands amid the coronavirus outbreak.

Cheadle town councillors Kate Martin and Ian Whitehouse condemned the “horrendous” condition of the facilities on Tape Street Car Park in Cheadle.

“The toilets are a disgrace,” cllr Martin told the Times and Echo.

“I went in out of curiosity and they were absolutely filthy. That’s on the car park and there wasn’t a cubicle I could use.

“The toilet brush by the toilet had faeces on and there is no record on doors for when they have been cleaned.

“I couldn’t believe what I saw, it was horrendous and this is going on while the coronavirus is going around.

“The unique thing about the toilets are that everything, the doors and the sink, is automatic so it is one we want people to be using.”

Cllr Whitehurst described his experience of visiting the loos.

“The mens toilets were terrible,” he explained to the Times and Echo.

“There was wee all on the floor, the sinks were dirty and there was stuff all around the taps.

“They don’t look like they have had a clean, there needs to be notices showing when they have been cleaned.

“I didn’t want to go into the cubicles. Everywhere needs a deep steam clean.

“It’s a health risk especially with the coronavirus. People are expecting nice clean toilets that they can use.”

Staffordshire Moorlands District Council (SMDC) confirmed that it commissions Derbyshire County Council to clean the facilities.

A spokesperson for SMDC told the Times and Echo: “The issue has been raised with Derbyshire County Council – the contractor with responsibility for cleaning these facilities.

A spokesperson for Derbyshire County Council added: “We’ve arranged a site visit to look at the issue and will take any necessary action to address it.”

Both councillors gave their further thoughts after SMDC’s announcement that all of its public toilets would be closed.

Cllr Martin said: “I think it’s a good decision with everything that is happening around the country.

“It’s about being clean and people could be walking into there (Tape Street Car Park’s public toilets) thinking it’s safe when it hasn’t been cleaned so it’s probably a good job for Cheadle.

“I hope when it does re-open it is cleaned up. It’s such a shame.”

Cllr Whitehouse added: “With the Government’s advice on not having gatherings, it’s a good idea to close them all, especially with all different people going in and out.

“People can still wash their hands with soap and sanitiser at home.”


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