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Could you be a dog foster carer?

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20 JAN

Could you be a dog foster carer?

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An animal welfare society in the Moorlands is appealing for people to become dog foster carers. The call is being made by the long-standing charity of Cheadle Animal Welfare Society.

An animal welfare society in the Moorlands is appealing for people to become dog foster carers.

The call is being made by the long-standing charity of Cheadle Animal Welfare Society.

Margaret Russell, at the society, explained: “For many years Cheadle Animal Welfare Society had accepted into its care any stray dog who had been found in the Staffordshire Moorlands and who had not been claimed by their owners after the statutory period of time.

This was because the society had an agreement with Tenford Kennels at Tean who had the contract for the care of the stray dogs.

However at the end of February 2018 the owner of Tenford Kennels retired and the contract for the Staffordshire Moorlands dogs was taken over by the City Dogs Home.

This meant that Cheadle Animal Welfare Society could no longer have any involvement with the strays.”

Margaret continued: “It was a sad time as the society had been involved with helping the stray dogs for 50 years.

The society was set up in March 1968 under the watchful eyes of the late Lucy Bolton and the late Dorothy Wood, as they were deeply saddened and upset when they saw unclaimed stray dogs being taken from the police station in the High Street and walked along to the vets to be put to sleep.

Young or old. It didn’t matter. If they were not claimed they had to die. There was nowhere else for them to go.

The one which broke Dorothy’s heart was a young golden Labrador who was so happy to be going for a walk after being cooped up in the kennel at the back of the police station for seven days. Half an hour later the man who had taken the dog came back with an empty lead.

Something had to be done and that was when Lucy and Dorothy held a meeting in the Guild Hall, Cheadle for like-minded people resulting in the establishment of Cheadle & District Animal Welfare Society.

Over the years the society went through good times and bad. There were times when it wasn’t known if there was enough money in the bank to pay the bills at the end of the month, but with the support of many generous and like-minded people in Cheadle, the society has thrived and became a registered Charity in December 1993.

Since 2018 the society has helped far fewer dogs than it ever did in the past, but would like to be able to help more.

These days help can be given to people who can no longer care for their dogs for a variety of reasons, eg they have to go into hospital or permanent care, move to accommodation where a pet is not welcome or perhaps there has been a change in family circumstances.

Having no premises of its own the society is hoping to find foster homes for any dogs who they are asked to help and is hoping that people will come forward to help.”

Margaret added: “Have you always wanted a dog, but can’t afford or maybe you are not able to make a long term commitment?

Can you open your heart to a dog who is down on its luck and in need of a friend? If so Cheadle Animal Welfare Society needs you.

They are looking for people who have the time and the patience to help care for dogs while they are waiting to find new homes.

Support will be provided with the provision of food and any veterinary care that may be necessary.

The foster carer will need to have the time and patience to care for the dog and to make it feel welcome in their home. The dog will need daily walks and must be able to socialise.”

If you are interested in fostering a dog, contact Cheadle Animal Welfare Society to discuss how you can help, either by calling 07731 616 025 or 01335 390369 or via email at

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