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Concerns raised about dog foul around town

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Concerns raised about dog foul around town

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A TOWN councillor from the Moorlands has stated he intends to come up with plans that will help reduce the amount of dog foul on the community’s streets after being disgusted with how often dog owners do not pick up their pets’ faeces. Cheadle town councillor Jamie Evans proposed to his colleagues at a recent town council meeting that the council could provide dog poo bags around town, encouraging dog owners to pick up their canine’s excrement and thus not leaving it on the street. Mr Evans told fellow councillors: “It’s a mess around town with dog poo.

We want to bring visitors into the town but we don’t want them dodging it (dog faeces) when walking down the High Street and other places. I think it’s disgusting.”

Evans then mooted that dog poo bags could be placed at checkpoints within the town, leaving no excuse for dog owners.

Referencing an idea he had seen elsewhere, Mr Evans suggested that “maybe we could put bags in bottles attached to lampposts so owners can quickly grab one out and use it – I’m sure that wouldn’t cost much to do.”

However, Staffordshire Moorlands District councillor and Cheadle town councillor Kate Martin said: “I don’t think this will be cost effective. At the end of the day it is the owner’s responsibility.

If there is an area with a lot of dog poo, maybe we could clean it and keep making sure it is clean.”

In response, Mr Evans said: “Could we try it as a trial period? Then see how it works out and where we go from there.”

The council advised Mr Evans to draw up a plan with how much the proposal would cost and where in town the dog bag dispensers could be placed.

Speaking to the Times and Echo after the meeting, Mr Evans said: “Owners need to be responsible.

They need to think about things like if kids get it in their eyes and hands – that could be very dangerous.

It needs to be sorted.”

Meanwhile, Staffordshire Moorlands District Council has been reminding residents – via its social media page on Facebook – that people who do not pick up after their pooch, could face a fine.

A spokesman said: “People who are caught not cleaning up after their dog or littering (including flyposting, graffitiing and dropping a cigarette) can be issued with a fine.

The charge for a litter fine is £120 and dog fouling £100.

Help us keep the Moorlands clean – put your rubbish in the bin.”

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