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We’re top of the pots!

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26 APR

We’re top of the pots!

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THE Cheadle area has been labelled the worst in the region when it comes to potholes.

A taxi driver says roads in and around the town are in a far worse state than those in other areas and is demanding action to tackle the problem.

Martin Tighe covers 75,000 miles a year through his High Street-based business.

Yet he insists there are more potholes in Cheadle and the surrounding villages than anywhere else he’s seen.

He’s now calling on Staffordshire County Council, which is responsible for the road network, to step up.

The 62-year-old said: “The roads in Cheadle are really bad now and something should be done about it.

“I drive all over the area and on runs to the airports and this area has more potholes than anywhere else I see. It’s appalling.

“Most of the holes in the roads have been there for two or three years, but they just become bigger and deeper over time.

“The thing is I have never seen anyone filling them in. The county council has a responsibility to keep the roads in good condition, so why isn’t it fixing them?”

Mr Tighe, who runs Masthouse Private Hire, admits the problem has been exacerbated by bad winter weather, but insists holes such as one at the busy roundabout outside the Lamplighter pub are causing problems for motorists.

He added: “There are potholes all over town and they’re causing damage to people’s tyres and suspension. Some are so big that they can make drivers lose control of their vehicles.

“People are swerving to avoid them and that could obviously become a safety issue in itself.

“I know it was a long and cold winter and that has made the issue worse as water gets into gaps and then freezes.

“It has led to existing holes becoming worse, but nothing seems to be done about them.

“I’ve been a taxi driver for four years now and the roads around here are worse now than they’ve ever been in that time.

“I’ve been told people can report potholes more than four centimetres deep and I’ll certainly be doing that, but I’m not going to stand there measuring one with traffic flying past.”

The county council this week launched a campaign to fix an extra 11,000 weather-related potholes across the county.

Highways chiefs have pledged a further £5 million on top of their annual £23.5m budget to help tackle roads damaged during the winter.

Helen Fisher, cabinet support member for highways, said the investment would help tackle the most urgent repairs across the county.

Helen said: “A bad winter takes its toll on the roads and we’re determined to get back on the front foot in tackling repairs.

“In a county as huge as Staffordshire, we have to prioritise repairs on our busiest roads where they pose the biggest risk to members of the public and this further investment on top of the extra £5m last year will help us rise to the challenge.

“Good roads are important to the council, to the economy and our communities and I would ask people to bear with us as our crews are out and about over the spring/summer doing as much as they can to fix the potholes.”

Anyone wishing to report a pothole can go online or download the mystaffsapp.

The council says urgent potholes, classed as category one, are normally fixed within 24 hours.

Category two potholes are tackled in seven days where possible while category three repairs, often on little-used rural roads, are addressed once more urgent repairs are carried out.

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1 Comment

  • Plant Street junction .... Draycott Cross Roads by the farm and further on towards Draycott Arms.... Kingsley Road .... even the road to Newcastle past the hospital has pot holes! My journeys are planned around them and how to avoid them. They’re dangerous and damaging. Never known them so bad for so long.
    Written by ChrissieB, April 26, 2018 - Reply


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