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QUEEN of the keys, Uttoxeter musician Carol Bradbury, is dancing on air after being invited to play at Blackpool Tower’s ballroom next year.
Carol, 53, of Kingfisher Way, affectionately known as ‘Twinklefingers’ has provided the soundtrack to social dances across the Uttoxeter, Cheadle and Blythe Bridge areas for decades.
“I’m not Adam Peaty,” said Carol, “but to me it’s just as good as winning an Olympic Gold.”
Carol will perform at the iconic ballroom – venue of BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing final – the night before her 54th birthday as part of a special event for dance schools in Cheshire.
She said: “I’m only a little country girl and things like this don’t happen to people like me.
“I’m really excited, but also slightly terrified. As an entertainer everyone thinks you’re a bold, egotistical person, but I’m just an ordinary person that thankfully somehow has a little bit of talent to help make people happy through dancing.”
The invitation is the pinnacle of Carol’s career and she will be performing at a special evening for Shaftesbury Dance in Congleton and DanceTech in Macclesfield.
The accolade is also bittersweet for the musician, who lost her beloved mother, Marion Bradbury, earlier this year.
Marion, a former dance teacher, died aged 95 in June, just days before Carol was asked whether she would consider performing at the world’s premier ballroom.
“She was everything to me,” Carol said. “She always called me ‘Our Carol’ and she was my roadie for all my gigs until she was in her late 80s.
“She would’ve been so pleased for me.
“The Tower ballroom has just got that magical charm. As soon as you walk in you feel like Cinderella arriving at the ball – although I don’t know if I’ll be saying that when I’m standing backstage shaking with nerves.
“The musical world I’m in is a precarious one and this is a big one-off for me. I do feel lucky that in this area I have managed to get enough work doing social and tea dances to allow me to make a living doing what I love.”
Carol hosts regular social dances at venues across the area including JCB Lakeside Club, Uttoxeter Town Hall and Quick Quick Slow at Cresswell.
“My partner, Dennis Heath, will be coming to watch me at Blackpool. It’s the night before my birthday next year and I can’t imagine a better birthday present than that.
“It’s my dream come true, but what I’m hoping is that all my faithful crew who are happy for me – all those who enjoy our regular dances – will be there to share it with me.”
Tickets to see Carol performing at Blackpool Tower Ballroom on Sunday, September 16 2018, are £20 and can be booked via Carol.

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