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Carnival costs £20,000 each year hence admission fee at gates

Times Echo and Life / All News / Carnival costs £20,000 each year hence admission fee at gates
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Carnival costs £20,000 each year hence admission fee at gates

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THE CHAIRMAN of an annual carnival has responded to concerns about access to the venue during the three-day event. The Cheadle Carnival Committee is granted permission to use the Tean Road Recreation Ground by Cheadle Town Council to host the event which traditionally lasts from a Friday evening through to Sunday and takes place in July. However, during a heated debate, at a town council meeting on Monday, September 2, concerns were raised about charging visitors to access the park, which is classed as a public space, during the community festival.

In the meeting, some councillors were disgruntled about residents not being allowed onto the recreation ground without paying an admission fee despite the land being a public space across the weekend the event is held on, namely with references made to the skate park, swings and tennis courts.

Objections to these arguments were raised, with several councillors stating that the council grants permission to the carnival committee to use the whole of the park as part of the event, including the aforementioned assets.

Chairman of Cheadle Carnival Committee Tim Cliffe responded to these concerns surrounding entry costs, telling the Times and Echo: “The basic fact of the matter is that it costs within the region of £20,000 to put it on so if we didn’t charge there would be no carnival.

You can’t go anywhere without paying for things these days and we offer a reasonable price of entry.

We need to charge to cover the costs.”

Tim confirmed that it is his belief that when the Carnival Committee is granted permission to use the recreation ground, this includes all aspects of the public space, including the said tennis courts, skate park and swings.

He explained how security is a necessity for the event and that it takes a big chunk out of the committee’s budget to provide this.

He said: “There are plenty of (people) about who would come in and smash the place up if we didn’t have security.

Security, which we need for licensing, costs around £5,000 so that’s gone immediately.

We have to charge in order to cover these costs.”

Tim stated that a number of fundraising events are put on throughout the year to help with costs towards the carnival.

The next event is a ‘Motown Music Night’ at the Guild Hall in Tape Street, Cheadle, on the evening of Saturday, October 5.

Tickets can be purchased from food shop Wright’s, situated in High Street, for £7.50 with entry at the door on the night being £10.

Meanwhile, the Cheadle Carnival Committee will be hosting its Annual General Meeting on Tuesday, September 24 at Hales Hall, starting at 7pm.

Anyone can attend the meeting as members take a look back over the past year, review the latest carnival and discuss what future steps to take.

Tim said: “People can come along to the meeting and we can hear what they want to see this time.

We are looking for more volunteers to help out again, although we are not looking to add any more members to the committee itself.”

The dates for next year’s Carnival are yet to be officially confirmed by Cheadle Town Council.

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  • You carnt please everyone thought it was a marvellous weekend and weather kept up great effort to everyone
    Written by Ian alcock, September 12, 2019 - Reply
  • It's highly unfair to charge children to play on the swings!
    Written by lisa, September 16, 2019 - Reply


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