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Campaign launched to fundraise for 26 new defibrillators in town

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Campaign launched to fundraise for 26 new defibrillators in town

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A COUNCILLOR is joining forces with a charity to launch a campaign to help raise funds to install 26 additional defibrillators in a town following the loss of its community response vehicle. Cheadle town councillor Elizabeth Whitehouse is fronting a campaign in alliance with AED Donate to increase the number of life saving pieces of equipment in her town, urging businesses and residents to donate to the cause. Stone-based AED Donate is a charity committed to “improving survival from out of hospital cardiac arrest,” championing the need for automated external defibrillators in the community.

“I know that loss of the community response post is a hit to the community,” Cllr Whitehouse explained to the Times and Echo.

“I tried to think of the next best option that we would be able to put in the town and in my opinion, that would be more defibrillators.

“With AED Donate, we have done some mapping around Cheadle and found we need 26 in order to cover every area and be at least 200 metres away from one another.

“At the moment I am calling on local businesses to sponsor and put money towards a defibrillator.”

Cllr Whitehouse has set up an internet donation page at for willing community members to contribute towards the effort.

“As little or as much as they can – even a pound – it gets us closer to achieving the goal,” she continued.

“Each defibrillator, set of pads, batteries and cabinet holder costs £2,000 and right now we are aiming to get the first ten and go from there.”

She went to explain how businesses who sponsor a defibrillator would get a plaque with their name on above where the apparatus would be housed, showing that it had given money towards its installation.

Cheadle currently has four defibrillators located in the town: The Lodge on Tean Road; Cheadle Cricket Club on Tean Road; The Swan at Town End; The Guild Hall on Tape Street.

Cllr Whitehouse also revealed that she is looking at organising community training sessions once the target of ten is reached so that members of the public feel confident to use the defibrillators.

She added: “I’m also looking at hosting some basic life saving training, both in the community and in schools, as well hopefully.

“Time is important in critical illness such as heart failure, so it’s really important we have help as soon as possible so if we deploy defibrillators quickly this increases the chance of survival.”

Cllr Whitehouse encouraged people and business to donate to the cause, stating: “The Cheadle community spirit has always been high.

“I’ve lived here since I was a baby and I know the people of Cheadle pull together when they really need to.

“I urge anyone to donate as little or as much as they can so we can do this for the community.”

To donate funds online, visit the link previously mentioned or contact Cllr Whitehouse via her Facebook page ‘Councillor Elizabeth Whitehouse – Cheadle Town Council’ or via email at

Defibrillator in place at support organisation

A SUPPORT organisation in a Moorlands town has been donated a defibrillator.

On Monday (March 16), councillor Elizabeth Whitehouse and AED Donate chief executive Jamie Richards attended living support service Pavilion View on Tean Road, Cheadle who were handed a defibrillator of its own by the defibrillator-championing charity.

Out of 60 entries for a competition set up by the charity, the Cheadle venue was drawn as the winners.

“We are so, so happy,” Denise Cliff, Team Leader at Pavilion View told the Times and Echo.

“We have had a medical emergency here once or twice before and we’ve had to do normal CPR so to now have this machine makes such a massive difference.”

The supported living service houses its residents in nine flats and supports them from the slightest of things to doing everything for them.

The current age range of dwellers living in the flats range from 29-years-old to 92-years-old with all members of staff trained in using defibrillators.

“We go out in the community, we take people shopping – it’s everything that me and you would do but they are in supported living,” Denise explained.

She and fellow staff member Laura Clarke both filled out the competition form after being made aware during a fundraiser for Hales Hall Caravan Park recently.

Denise continued: “My uncle passed away from a heart attack and there wasn’t defibrillators then.

“Perhaps if there was, it would have been a different situation.

“I can’t tell you how much this means to us. It’s just amazing, we can do so much good with it and the community can too.

“We would like to thank Jamie for this.”

Denise stated that the building is staffed 24-seven, so “even if we haven’t got the box outside as yet some can still come and get the defibrillator.”

Jamie said: “We are really, really chuffed. It’s worked fairly well because we are working with Cheadle Town Councillor Elizabeth Whitehouse to install ten defibrillators across town following the removal of the ambulance car.

“We have looked at the coverage in the town and although there are defibrillators, there always needs to be more.

“So Cllr Whitehouse has pledged that she is going to fundraise with us to get a further ten and this straight away ticks one of those boxes.

“So we are really, really happy because of the environment its come to and its also helping her with her campaign within the town as well.

“Our ultimate goal is we would like a defibrillator every 200 metres to enable the rescuer to get to the box and back to the patient within a two-minute brisk walk which is the national guideline.

“We know we are very far off that at the moment, but that is the end goal.”

Cllr Whitehouse added: “I think it’s fantastic and a really good one to start off with.

“They need it here as there are a lot of vulnerable people so it’s brilliant that they have won.

“This can be definitely included on the mapping.”


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