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Calls for park attendant due to safety concerns

Times Echo and Life / All News / Calls for park attendant due to safety concerns
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10 OCT

Calls for park attendant due to safety concerns

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A PARK attendant could be employed to oversee the safety of people using a recreation field in the Moorlands after a town councillor mooted the idea at a council meeting this week. During Cheadle Town Council's meeting on Monday (October 7), councillor Ian Whitehouse put forward the suggestion that both Tean Road and Churchill Road recreations grounds could be assigned a park attendant who park users can go to if they have a problem or query. He said: “I think we should look at the idea of having a park attendant on Tean Road rec and at Churchill Road rec too.

“There is an incident more or less every weekend. The council spent quite a lot of money on equipment for the park so we should be looking to protect that.

“We need to protect the kids on there. I’ve heard there’s a bit of bullying going on down there too.

“It starts to get dark at four o’clock now and I dread to think what could happen so we need a presence there. This should have the full backing of the council.”

Fellow councillor Kate Martin echoed Mr Whitehurst’s proposals, underlining the importance of the safety of youngsters who use the park.

She said: “Over the years we’ve lost all eyes and ears on the youth.

“We do need someone down there, for the sake of parents and young people. I know they’d feel better if someone was there. It’s all about safety, so we do need a park attendant.”

On the topic of youngsters who use the recreation grounds being painted in a bad light because of previous incidents, councillor Martin said: “It’s only a small group that are causing trouble, making the rest look bad. Let’s not tar all of them with the same brush.”

Mr Whitehouse added: “We used to have a park attendant who lived in a little up-and-down next to the bowling green who used to work from 2pm to 9pm.

“Now, the bowling green is very vulnerable, there’s reports of bikes and the like going over it.

“It’s running wild now – there are a load of bad comments on Facebook about it. It’s time the council upped it or it’ll get worse.”

Councillor Ray Wood had reservations about the suggestion, questioning what powers the attendant would have.

He said: “I’m not sure it’s the answer.

“I’m not sure what he would be able to do legally, he’d just get loads of abuse. What hours would they work?

“I know what you’re saying in that we should be making it safe – but call the police force, we pay a lot of money for it.

“What powers would he have apart from to call the police? What would you expect him to do?

“We’re already spending a fortune on cameras. We need a more detailed update on that.”

Councillor Martin replied: “We need to look outside the box, it’s about them knowing someone is there who they can approach.

“It does work in other areas, like Stoke where there are more young people and gangs down there.

“It’s not a lot of money for a park attendant and it’s what the community is crying out for.

“It’s alright having cameras, but people want to know if it’s safe there.”

The council agreed that additional details on the structure and working hours should be outlined before this information is returned for further discussion at full council.

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