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Call for action on New Road

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Call for action on New Road

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SPEED issues along a Uttoxeter street have sparked calls for swifter action from the town’s council. Residents in New Road have called for Speed Indication Devices (SIDS), to be installed as quickly as possible.

Issues with speed along New Road were first reported in the Echo almost a year ago, with Uttoxeter Town Council agreeing to fund the SIDS in spring last year. Now, residents are pleading for faster action, as issues with road safety are on the rise. Ray Burge has lived in New Road for around 13 years. He spoke at a virtual meeting of the town council in November to urge action.

Ray said: “New Road is a leafy residential street that has become a gateway into Uttoxeter. “Since the roundabout was removed two years ago, things have changed dramatically. It’s 30mph, but if you obey the speed limit, other drivers will pull out and overtake you.

“It’s seen as one long straight road, they’ll just tear past you, it’s shocking. It should be controlled. We need the town council to take the action it’s agreed to. I’m asking why this hasn’t happened, it’s really frustrating.

“In November I asked the Uttoxeter Town Mayor Cllr Sue McGarry for a zoom meeting with key councillors to get this moving. It’s been 100 days and that hasn’t happened. “And it’s not just the speed, the pavements are very narrow and we now have a lot of HGVs coming through. We need a pedestrian crossing. I don’t care where the action comes from, I’m only interest in the safety of the people who live in New Road.

“We want proper speed control with permanent signs. We’re not going to give up because this is too important.”

Caroline Carr also lives in New Road and has been campaigning via social media for road safety action there for the last year. She said: “I’m just really angry with what’s going on at the moment. “I just want the council to get the signs up permanently and look at what else we need, such as a pedestrian crossing and the crocodile road markings.

“I’m scared to go out with my dog, older people are afraid to go out. It’s ridiculous. Cllr David Brookes has been supportive throughout, but we’re still waiting for the town council to make this happen.”

Uttoxeter Town Council has ordered SIDS signs which can be used in different locations around the town to drive down speeding. The signs are expected to arrive around Easter and would be used in New Road, Bramshall Road, Kingfisher Way, Town Meadows Way, Highwood Road, Bentley Road, Holly Road and Derby Road. The signs were due to be discussed at the town council’s monthly meetings, which was scheduled to take place yesterday evening (Tuesday) as the Echo went to press.

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