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Bus route diverted due to “inconsiderate” parking

Times Echo and Life / All News / Bus route diverted due to “inconsiderate” parking
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29 AUG

Bus route diverted due to “inconsiderate” parking

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A BUS service which provides many East Staffordshire residents the means of getting to a town centre is diverting its route due to problematic parking. Trent Barton's 'swift service' will not pass through Park Street in Uttoxeter as of Sunday, September 1, with the company saying that parking is making the route impassible for buses. A spokesperson for Trent Barton told the Times and Echo: “Due to ongoing problems getting past parked cars on Park Street in Uttoxeter, our swift service will instead use Ashbourne Road and Cheadle Road from Sunday, September 1 to ensure we can deliver the consistent and punctual timetable that our customers rely upon.

We first raised this issue in 2017, and since then have tirelessly chased for something to be done to resolve the problem.

We have engaged with Staffordshire County Council, East Staffordshire Borough Council and Uttoxeter Town Council, but no one has been able to assist us.

Swift customers will be able to use any of the bus stops along Ashbourne Road and Cheadle Road, which are only a short walk from Park Street.

We have no plans to switch back to Park Street but as with all our services, we will keep listening to all of our customers’ views.”

However, residents and community leaders have stated that they are unhappy with Trent Barton’s decision about diverting the swift service from picking passengers up from Park Street.

Resident Peter Reid said: “Quite a few elderly residents who need the buses are along that road.

It’s a long walk into town for these people.”

Staffordshire County Councillor for Uttoxeter Division Urban, David Brookes told the Times and Echo he was “bitterly disappointed” with the decision.

He said: “This a direct result of inconsiderate parking.

Between six and eight times the buses have been unable to get through because of inconsiderate parking.

I’ve contacted Barton Trent and they are not willing to re-amend their decision.

The people of Park Street are being severely disadvantaged by this decision – it is a vital link into the town centre.

In the next few weeks I will go out and consult with the public on Park Street and the Wharf on potential parking restrictions so we can get the service back up and running again in the hope they will understand and support this.”

Councillor Brookes went on to state that an overall town parking review is “disgustingly long overdue” and that “short stay options will be looked into” – a move that he hopes businesses and residents alike will support.

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