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Big adventure on the small screen

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Big adventure on the small screen

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Former Painsley Catholic College student Levison Wood's latest adventure “Walking with Elephants” will be starting on Channel 4 on Sunday (May 10) at 9pm.

An adventurer, who grew up in the Moorlands, is set to appear on the small screen this weekend.

Former Painsley Catholic College student Levison Wood’s latest adventure “Walking with Elephants” will be starting on Channel 4 on Sunday (May 10) at 9pm.

The three part series is about a journey Levison made last year walking across Botswana following the biggest elephant migration in Africa.

The former soldier, who grew up in Forsbrook, said on his Facebook page recently: “Very excited to announce that my new show ‘Walking with Elephants’ will air at 9pm on Sunday, May 10 on Channel 4. Don’t miss it!”

A spokesman for Channel 4 said: “Produced by October Films, Walking with Elephants follow Levison, who is a passionate explorer, conservationist, author and presenter of “Walking the Nile” and “Walking the Americas”, on a totally new kind of adventure.

Led by the elephants themselves, rather than a compass or a map, this series promises to be Lev’s wildest and most thrilling journey yet as he treks alongside these magnificent animals on their annual migration across Botswana.

Each year, thousands of elephants head to the Okavango Delta, to feed on its lush vegetation, in one of the biggest natural events on Earth.

Levison will travel over 650 miles, following the elephants on their epic migratory route by foot to gain brand new insight into this still mysterious journey – one that the elephants have done for millennia, but which no person has done on foot.

It’s a journey fraught with risks and dangers and one that is increasingly seeing the elephants coming under threats both natural and man made.

Along the way, Levison will work with local trackers and anti-poaching units to give us unprecedented access and insight to the dangers these resilient animals must overcome, including poachers, predatory wildlife and dehydration to arrive at their final destination.

Following the migration route from the salt pans of the Kalahari Desert where the epic journey begins to the nutrient rich lands of the Okavango Delta, the visually stunning series Walking with Elephants gives us a deeper understanding than ever before of the majestic elephants of Botswana.”

Levison added: “Walking with these magnificent animals was a dream come true.

It was an opportunity to really understand up close how this remarkable species survives against the odds.

Spending time with local Botswanans provided a fascinating insight into the lives of communities that live alongside the elephants and who have to deal with the difficult consequences of life on the frontline of human-wildlife conflict.”

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