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Bevy of brides left in tears

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12 MAY

Bevy of brides left in tears

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A Cheadle business that aimed to ‘help ladies find their dream gown’ has left a trail of disappointed brides in its wake. Alisha Jade Bridal in High Street Cheadle, closed without warning, leaving at least 10 brides-to-be without dresses and accessories.

A Cheadle business that aimed to ‘help ladies find their dream gown’ has left a trail of disappointed brides in its wake.

Alisha Jade Bridal in High Street, Cheadle, closed without warning, leaving at least 10 brides-to-be without dresses and accessories.

Collectively, the group are thought to be around £12,000 out of pocket, after ordering bridal wear from the business, which is owned and run by Alisha Morris.

Birmingham bride-to-be, Lauren Hillman, 26, is getting married to Jack Mattison in August. She said: “Alisha was lovely and made the day really special, but then I feel like she made a really nice experience a bit traumatic and stressful.”

Lauren and her mum Lynette, travelled from Birmingham to the Cheadle bridal shop to try on a dress by Madi Lane. They paid a 50 per cent deposit for the £2,400 dress in April 2021, with the other 50 per cent in advance of collection in December.

But by March, the dress had still not arrived and messages and calls to Alisha elicited no response.

Lauren said: “Alisha just ignored my messages from then on. I came across another woman who had left a review on Facebook and that’s how I found out there were all these other girls who were in the same boat.

I was very lucky we were able to get my dress directly from the designer, it’s not their responsibility but Madi Lane have been great.

I could’ve understood if she’d just said she was having financial difficulties, or personal problems, but it’s the ignoring part that made it so shocking.”

Lynette added: “We’ve both been in tears, separately. I think if we’d cried together, we’d have completely broken down.

It’s tainted the bridal experience for Lauren and I feel guilty that I didn’t somehow know that this was going to happen and protect Lauren from it.”

Jordan Moran, 23, and partner Chris Fearn from Sandyford in Stoke-on-Trent are also getting married in August. Jordan bought a dress from Alisha Jade Bridal at a sample sale in November, and ordered around £200 of accessories to go with it.

After initially being unable to collect her order, Jordan received the accessories through an intermediary, only to find a crucial underskirt for her dress was wrong.

Jordan shared her story on Facebook after discovering she was unable to contact the company to collect her items. She said: “It should’ve been great, but when Chase was messing on my phone I noticed something odd on a message from her, and when I checked all her social media channels, everything had gone.

I couldn’t get hold of her by phone and we even went down to the shop and found it was closed.

After I posted on Facebook she got a message to me to say that she could hand over the items if I took the post down, but I said no, I wasn’t going to take the post down, because what if there were other women out there waiting for their order.

I’m speechless that this has happened. I had such a lovely time at the shop, she was so nice and I was so excited. But now I don’t want to think about planning anything else and it’s just been horrible and stressful.

I’m lucky it’s only £200, but we’re on a budget and that is money and time I could have spent on something else for the wedding, or for our two-year-old son, Chase.

Alisha was lovely – she’s probably the nicest woman in the world – but I’m just angry at how she went about it all. I don’t want anyone else to go through this.”

Publicly available company information indicates that the business was incorporated in April 2019, and registered to an address in Stoke-on-Trent. The registered address became 71 High Street, Cheadle in May 2020 and was altered again to a property in Dilhorne in September last year.

Alisha Morris at Alisha Jade Bridal has been approached for comment on three occasions by the Cheadle & Tean Times, but has yet to respond.

The business’s website and social media channels have all been suspended, but before it was taken down, Alisha said on her website: “Here at Alisha Jade Bridal we strive to offer a personal and individual bridal service with a fresh and honest approach in finding you your dream wedding dress.

From a little girl, I always wanted to own my own bridal shop. And now it’s my reality!”

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  • Absolutely Disgusting. Planning a wedding can be so stressful and to do this to any bride is unforgivable.
    Written by Charlotte Emery, May 14, 2022 - Reply


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