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Bench to be relocated due to anti social behaviour

Times Echo and Life / All News / Bench to be relocated due to anti social behaviour
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16 MAY

Bench to be relocated due to anti social behaviour

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A BENCH on a recreation ground is set to be relocated due to reports of anti social behaviour in the area. Forsbrook Parish Council are set to move the bench, which is currently situated behind the houses on the Blythe Bridge Recreation Ground, after requests for its relocation have been made by residents. The call was made on the social media website Facebook to the Forsbrook Parish Council clerk, due to concerns of “lots of teenagers hanging around back of gardens” and that “there have been issues with bricks thrown over, fences damaged, pallets thrown over gardens etc”.

It is understood that the bench had been put in place a couple of months ago at the request of a football team which uses the recreation site.

The resident who requested the relocation of the bench, who wished not to be named, further told the Times & Echo: “I would also like to point out that it is only a minority of the young people in the area that cause issues and unfortunately it tends to tar them all with the same brush which then, in my opinion, breeds resentment in these young people.

As a parent myself I find that if we treat these young adults with respect we tend to get it reciprocated and I have witnessed it in person with them.

But it appears that there are too many quick to judge that they are up to no good and this exasperates the anti social behaviour in the area.

Some of them just want to hang around with friends and that’s it but locally, people don’t tend to see it this way.”

Parish Clerk Dawn Plant has confirmed to the Times & Echo that the bench is now set to be moved to the other side of the pitch following residents concerns about anti social behaviour.

She said: “It will be relocated when the handyman can get round to it.

The bench was put in place around a couple of months ago.

This is the first time that we have had concerns raised about anti social behaviour in the area of the bench.”

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